20 Oct 2011

Ref reveals details about previous Liverpool FC Premier League race row...

Manchester United's Patrice Evra recently accused Luis Suarez of racial abuse, but this is not the first time Liverpool FC have been embroiled in a racism row. Retired Premier League referee Graham Poll how the FA dealt with a similar allegation involving Liverpool FC back in the late 1990s.

The alleged incident took place when Liverpool played Aston Villa in February 1998, and Poll's comments shed some light on how the FA might proceed with regards to the Suarez allegation. Poll remembers:

"Aston Villa striker Stan Collymore told me that his former Liverpool team-mate Steve Harkness had racially abused him in a game at Villa Park in February 1998. Collymore ran to me, clearly incensed at a comment which he felt was racist from Harkness. I could tell that he was convinced that the remark had been made but I had not heard anything.

"At the next stoppage in play, I asked Harkness what had happened. He vehemently denied any wrongdoing and so I was powerless to act. Of course, I reported the incident to the Football Association, who conducted an investigation but without any other player or official having heard anything and no video evidence, they could not act".

"Even if spectators had supported Collymore’s claims, the FA would have needed more solid evidence to charge and ultimately find a player guilty of such a serious allegation.

"Harkness denied making the comment throughout the game and in the investigation. Only Collymore and Harkness know the truth"

Clearly, there will be a heavy burden of proof on Evra to prove his allegation. He'll need to:

- Find another player or an official to corroborate his story, or:
- Produce video evidence backing up his claim.

I doubt either of these will be forthcoming, so just like in the case of Harkness and Collymore, it seems likely that the complaint against Luis Suarez will not be upheld.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Few players took more racial abuse than John Barnes. I have no recollection of him whining to the referee or the press.Black players should grow a pair and accept things get said in the heat of battle Black Bastard is no worse than scouse bastard. Why should one section of society be afforded privellleged protection over another ?

  2. think u fogetting this is the third time evra has said is , if he is provedwrng again lets hope the fa look at what would happen to suarez if proved guilty a big fine and abig ban and give evra the same as i think    its a game to him that he gets away with each time he does it.stopping racism has got to be the way forwad but liying about it 3 times is worse mud sticks even when  proved innocent this will still hang over him like it has with the other two who he liyed about but h walks off scott free or a small fine its wrong

  3. So did United when they played Bolton in 1998, it got brushed under the carpet. your point?

  4. sorry error in date it April 2006.

    Police have confirmed an unnamed Manchester United player was accused of
    racial abuse after the club's 2-1 win over Bolton Wanderers.

    Two Bolton supporters complained to officers following the clash at The
    Reebok Stadium, a game in which United fought back from a goal down to
    claim all three points.

    A swift investigation followed, including match referee Alan Wiley, and concluded no offence had been committed.

    "During the Bolton Wanderers versus Manchester United game at The Reebok
    Stadium on Saturday April 1, a complaint was made by two Bolton
    Wanderers supporters of racist comments made by one player towards
    another," he said.

    "An immediate investigation was commenced involving the referee which
    concluded that no crime had been committed. The matter is now closed."

  5. Harkness and Collymore met in talks but neither would back down from their stories and would n't apologize to each other.
    Collymore tried to do Harkness in the game the following season should of been sent off recived only a yellow card but was sent off later for shoving Michael Owen over.
    Will Evra be looking for revenge in the next game if nothing can be proofed?

  6. Ken, you and other people need to realise that people can get racial abuse, particularly on a football pitch, more than three times in their lives. I've seen certain people get it three times in the same game. So this business of 'it is the third time evra has done this' is utter nonsense. Why do you, and others, try to deflect from the issue so much? I get the impression that if Suarez came on with a placard slating evra that many people would not see it.

    And what Man Utd v Bolton has to do with it is anyone's guess. The lengths that some of you will go to say that it is ok!

  7. its just funny that every racist remark that happens in the premier league happens to evra

  8. Racism has no place in football. Don't spoil the beautiful game.

  9. Is n't Red Soxs comparing how the Harkness and Suarez incidents were fully investigated by the FA but Man U incident was dealt with by the referee on the day?
    Not once does he or anyone on here say it's okay for racism.

  10. Andy

    He shouldn't have the chance to take revenge. If he can't prove it (and he can't because he's lying and it didn't occur) he should be sacked and never play in England again. United won't sack him though and he'll continue to lie about it leaving a stain on Suarez's character forever.Absolute scumbag.

  11. Gab you need to realise that people make shit up, especially when they have been mugged off for 90 mins.

    Evra (who has previous) claims that he was abused at least 10 times. You  can gaurentee that Sky, would have checked every single peice of footage from multiple angles for some evidence - but none has been found.  Had Suarez said it 10 times then at least one out of ten would have been picked up by a mic, or on at oeast one one camera (lip readers would have been all over this) and at least one other player would have heard and could be a witness.

    One of them is lying, and as there zero proof - it must be Evra - simple as that.

    If Suarez is guilty he should be taken to the cleaners, fined and banned for a significant number of games.  If Evra is a liar - then he should get the same.

    Playing the race card to get someone in trouble is just as bad and just as damaging as actually being racist.  Neither has a place on the football pitch.


  12. Playing the race card has no place in  football.  Don't spoil the beautiful game.

  13. suarez if found guilty should be sacked evra found to be lying should get the same simply no  place for racism or slanderous allegations in the game

  14. Sky would have broken down every single last bit of coverage to get the scoope so it would be BREAKING NEWS on SKY SPORTS NEWS!

  15. You need a job Jamie. Too many nothing stories come from you.

  16. Maybe a better Headline might say 'Evra lie's again' the FA consider charges against Evra following false and slanderous allegations without proof.

  17. Quite simply  BECAUSE it didnt happen.Evra can be seen following Suarez and mouthing off so who said what,we will never know but I have serious doubts to the reasons for this complaint,unsettle a player who ran rings around their defence?
    Suarez is the sort of person who will take this allegation to heart as would most people,this is a determined effort to hurt our star as they couldnt deal with him on the pitch,whats the bets Evra produces a ghost witness,perhaps Rio as he had trouble with Suarez as well,,,,cynical??? I hope not.

  18. Yet another anti-LFC headline Jaimie!
    You do enjoy dragging our club though the mud. You are dirty Manc Scum!

  19. Jamie, the fact you have dregged up a previous unfounded allegation from the late 90s, is why Evra requires a disciplinary action. If no proof of one of the ten accused incidents of racisim can be found, Suarez should not have his name associated with this mud slinging.

    By writing this story, and bringing up an unfounded accusation you are slinging mud yourself. You have lost my respect.

  20. this is fergi idea before the game just look at evra at kick off dirty look at ref man u always start trouble unless they win

  21. Thing is he (evra) claimed it happened more than 10 times why didnt he complain after the 1st time to the ref who has an obligation to stop the game and take then complaint seriously not wait until the game is over to make the complaint.

  22. Ah, Collymore - Mr Morality, likes to knock women around and stalk car parks hoping to catch people having sex in a car.

    I trust Collymore, absolutely.

  23. I agree totally what my fellow Liverpool fans are saying, Evra WHEN found guilty of lying through his back teeth again!!, should be fined and banned for not telling the truth and almost putting Suarez with a ban and fine. As for all of you who are having a pop at Jaimie, he is entitled to his opinions same as the rest of us. He is only saying what he sees.