20 Oct 2011

RAFA BENITEZ: "I’m looking for football clubs with a project..."

Former Liverpool FC manager Rafa Benitez has made no secret of his desire to return to football, and he recently spoke about what type of job would tempt him back into the game.

In a recent radio interview, it was clear Benitez misses being on the touchline, but after the disappointment of Inter Milan, he's not just going to take any job:

"I like to be on the pitch every day, but it has to be the right club. I’m looking for clubs with a project, where you can be building something and improving something...so I can give some knowledge of the things I’m learning in this country".

Managing in the Premier League again seems to be a priority for Benitez:

"I have my staff and a really good support team, and we are analyzing now, and watching games with the ambition of a manager, not like a fan. I want to win the Premier League, and I want to win the Champions League again, and I will try to do it".

Benitez made it clear he wants to be a football manager, not just a coach, and he explained what he perceives to be the difference between the two:

"The difference between a coach and a manager - a coach is just coaching and trying to win, like in Spain or Italy – you try to win your games and that’s it. When you’re a manager you take responsibility. You know about the money available in the club; you know about the project.

"If you don’t have this spirit then you have to explain to the board and the people in charge – especially now with the crisis – you have to improve the academy; you have to create a structure that will be easier for the future in order stay at the maximum level".

Benitez undoubtedly has amazing knowledge of football, and he likes to pass this on to the players he works with:

"Normally, the players that have been with me for years have a better understanding of the game, which is something I’m very happy about because when you leave after 2, 3 4 years you can ring someone up and say ‘I learnt a lot’. For me, that is the main thing: try to teach and to improve".

There could be several Premier League jobs becoming available over the next few months - perhaps we'll Benitez back sooner rather than later...

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Might see Rafa back at Liverpool sooner rather than later ..the way things are looking way

  2.  Kenny says nobody is bigger than Liverpool FC,instead of talking Kenny make yourself a martyr for the good of the club,step down and let Rafa back and you will be rembered forever as the man who really did have Liverpools interests at heart and not someone who was fed up of the dolites life sat watching daytime TV for the last 15 years and decided he wanted a bit of excitement and deluded himself into bringing bring the great times back.I dont want Kenny to be remmbered as another Souness a great player but a manger who was selfish and put the club back ten years just for his own personal gain.If we lose Rafa I feel Liverpool will never get back to the elite.Kennys taking us nowhere.

  3. I do usually agree with alot if what you say.  But you have to remember the last time Kenny left Liverpool he did do it for the good of the club.  After Hillsborough he left as he felt he was no longer up to it. Now Hodgson and Souness on the other hand..................

  4. is that a joke? how you support this club is beyond me. long live the king.