20 Oct 2011

KENNY DALGLISH: Liverpool FC are totally behind Luis Suarez

Luis Suarez has received the full backing of Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish over the ongoing race row with Manchester United's Patrice Evra.

In his press conference a few minutes ago at Anfield, Dalglish offered Suarez his total support:

"Liverpool football club and everyone at the club is totally, utterly and fully behind Luis Suarez.

"There was an allegation after the game of diving all over the place [From Man United's Alex Ferguson], and another allegation from Patrice Evra.

"Obviously, the two things are quite emotive, but we fully support Suarez in both things, and everybody at the football club does.

"The club came out at the start of the week and made their position known, and apart from what I've just said, we won't be adding to it.

" We fully look forward to a complete and transparent report from the FA, and we'll cooperate 100% fully".

It's great to see such an emphatic vote of confidence from Kenny and the club; they will have heard Luis's side of the story, and it seems they believe him 100%.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. When a player goes to Canal+ to slander and defame a world brand, he makes a huge mistake. To do so invites litigation as once said it resonates around the world in seconds, Evra should have left it to the FA to deal with. Now Liverpool can issue proceedings once the FA are finished!!!

    Liverpool can show that future commercial sales regarding Suarez could be hit by these allegations, people tend to believe what TV tells them to believe, (BBC as an example). The genie was let out of the bottle by Evra and he can't put it back now.

    As soon as he went to Canal+, he left himself and his lawyers in a tight spot, there is no evidence to support his stance and even Utd seem to want to call this 'The Evra allegations' distancing themselves at every opportunity, I hope Liverpool and Suarez take this to the High Court, they have a solid case to do so!!!!

  2. No way are Liverpool going to issue proceedings. Funny how everyone is saying 'innocent until proven guilty' about Suarez but then that goes out of the window when it is the other way round. How can anyone prove conclusively that Evra lied? If you cannot prove it, beyond doubt, there is no way that the law is going to change just because we are playing Man Utd. Solid case to go to the high court? I don't think so.

  3. The reason my friend is defamation of character and slander, which was done on Canal+, go and get a dictionary and educate yourself!!!!!. Liverpool and Suarez are in a solid position here, Evra was an idiot to say it to a TV station before any investigation had even begun. The fact is Evra is the man who has to prove this now, not Suarez!!!

    When the FA throw this out Evra is going to need a very good lawyer, read my last post again, slowly!!!!

  4. I also believe Evra said Suarez ran upto him  over ten different occassions to racially abuse him.Surely if all the Sky cameras havent found one shred of evidence to support Evras claim something must be wrong.Rooney was caught swearing into a camera and was banned and that was only once not over ten times.Nothing though will happen to Evra,and i cannot give my opinion why because i live in England.

  5. A defamatory statement is presumed to be false unless the defendant can
    prove its truth. Furthermore, to collect compensatory damages, a public
    official or public figure must prove actual malice (knowing falsity or
    reckless disregard for the truth). - In this case it would be hard to prove that Evra knew the statement to be false but still made the claim, more likey it would be treated that he just had a differing view of events to that of Suarez.

  6. i read the uruguayan paper everyday and they write about this a lot and there is nothing about suarez saying anything to black players in uruguay otherwise the papers would have a field day, the best thing now is for luis to just play football and win as much for next seasons champions league.

  7. In the UK the legal system works that the legal team of the complainant or victim in a case has to prove that the respondent or defendant, beyond reasonable doubt is guilty of an offence. It is not up to the defendant to prove their innocence. In cases where someone's character is publicly being questioned, if it is found that there is no evidence to support the allegation the defendant has a right to sue for defamation of character. Had Evra followed the correct procedure and not made his grievance public on television, Suarez would not be able to make a counter claim.

  8. "It's great to see such an emphatic vote of
    confidence from Kenny and the club; they will have heard Luis's side of
    the story, and it seems they believe him 100%."

    I would wouldn't say that exactly.  The club were also completely behind SG when he was laying the Smackdown in a nightclub a few months ago.  The video evidence was pretty conclusive to me.  SG should've been on a high carb porridge diet for a few weeks. 

    It never looks good to have an asset on the 'family club' books who resorts to racism in the heat of battle.  If Suarez would have confessed to Kenny that he said 'it' Kenny would have released the same comments.  Nowadays Lawyers and football go hand in hand .  Like Gab said this accusation needs to be proved beyond reasonable doubt so unless Rio and Evra were wired for sound this case looks to be going nowhere. 

  9. Why the hell should it be proved Evra was lying in the first place? The fact that he has accused (once again) someone should carry bans and fines as a consequence or he'll just keep doing it.

  10. fergi is
    worried about Liverpool just wait tell the end of the season he is trying to
    upset our best 

    striker for the future games he
    knows that Liverpool are going to be better of come January

  11. Ban Evra for lying again!!!!!