25 Oct 2011

SPEARING: It's frustrating being stuck on the bench

Last season, Jay Spearing started 16 games for Liverpool but this season his chances in the first team have been much more limited. Every player wants to play, and Spearing is no exception, and he admits that warming the bench for every single game is a little frustrating.

10 of Spearing's starts came under Kenny Dalglish at the back-end of last season, but with three new midfielders joining the club, plus the return of Steven Gerrard, opportunities have become scarce. Talking to LFC.tv, Spearing was clearly frustrated:

"My chances have been a little bit less than I would’ve liked but it’s down to myself to keep working and training every day to put pressure on the boss to put me in, and I’ll be ready whenever the time comes.

"There’s the point that I’m not getting on the pitch but I have to look on the positive side – the boss is putting me on the bench every week…which I can’t complain about, but every player wants to take some part on the pitch, and that’s what I’m aiming for before the end of the season".

Liverpool were unbeaten in 12 of Spearing's 16 starts last season so it's clear he's had a positive impact whenever he's played.

I just can't see how he's going to get regular games this season; Liverpool's midfield is oversubscribed as it is, and I can't see Spearing dislodging the likes of Lucas, Gerrard and Adam.

I think we all know how this is ultimately going to end - like so many other promising young players, Spearing will probably be forced to go elsewhere to actually get regular first team football.

It would be a shame but that's the harsh reality.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. A shame, I know he's not got the talent of say Aqua, Lucas, but he's a decent player with a great engine. 

    Was the £8 million spent on Adam wise given we have Spearing and Shelvey?  Are those two players really that sub stadard that we need to spend £8m on what I see an average squad player (Adam)?

  2. I agree, I think Jay is a good young player and I would prefer him than Adam.
    I have never been a fan of Adam and was disappointed that we signed him and the same with Downing. I have said to other Liverpool fans that if Adam is that good then how come he couldn't even make it at Rangers and yes he did well for Blackpool but even I could do well for Blackpool.

  3. Jay spearing is every bit as good as Adam and agree why buy Adam when we had young players who were already at the club ..8 million that could have gone towards a top defender may be..

  4. I disagree.  Spearing does not have Adam's range of passing, and does not create/score as many goals. 

  5. Adam has scored 1 goal and created 4 more since he arrived.  That's more than Henderson, Downing and Carroll combined.  I don't see how that makes him an 'average squad player'. 

  6. Yes Jaimie but he has other qualities that Adam clearly does not.

  7. Spearing is the best player ever to play for Liverpool & he should be captain of the England team too .

    If I were him I wouldnt tolerate the frustration of being on the bench for Liverpools 1'st team games , I'd put in a transfer request & entice Tranmere Rovers & Doncaster Rovers to bid for me , then I could show the world ... well the world hat watches lower league football in England , what that damn nobody Dalglish was making  them miss  Ha Ha !!!

  8. Jamie, Adam might have achieved those stats, but he can't last more than 60 mins in a game. I could accept that say from a mid 30's player like a Gary Mac, but not a player in his 20's.  At least Spearing has an engine for 90 mins.

    If we play two in the middle of the park, are you suggesting that Adam plays ahead of Lucas and Gerrard?  If not, then he is an average squad player.

    I'd honestly like to see what Henderson can do in the middle (rather than than right mid) as I think once he adapts he will offer far more than Adam.

  9. Hi Ray. I think you're right about Adam's fitness levels, but I don't think it's true of every game he plays. Against United, for example, he was excellent for the whole game, and his fitness didn't seem to flag at the 60 minute mark.

    And yes, I would have Adam ahead of Lucas, but only if he was playing the more attacking role of the the midfield two. As a defensive mid? Forget it! He needs someone behind him playing the holding role.

    I would actually like to see Adam play even further upfield, perhaps even behind the striker. He has the passing ability and creativity to do well there, and he'd hardly have to run. It would be a good experiment to try.

  10. Spearing's turn will come. This lad has to be patient.

  11. Spearing is a strong reliable squad player & as such is very valuable to us & I expected him to have had Lucas under much more pressure than this by now .

    Lets not get carried away & think he is going to turn into the worlds greatest player .

    He is what he is & although I'm sure he will improve some over the next few seasons the time will come when he is going to need to be replaced in order to strengthen the squad .

    We are not a nursery club & can only afford to bring through a certain amount of kids every 10 seasons or so .

    Otherwise we will be stuck in mid table as all these kids develop on the job , its a poor mans solution to a rich mans dilemma .

    We are one of the worlds 10 richest clubs & we need to be buying in the finished article every season if we have any intentions of remaining one of the worlds 10 richest clubs .