25 Oct 2011

DAVID FAIRCLOUGH: "Suarez is fantastic, but he's not scoring enough..."

I don't think anyone would disagree that Luis Suarez is an excellent player, and former Liverpool striker David Fairclough is no exception. However, despite his admiration for 'El Pistolero', Fairclough believes that Suarez is not delivering enough goals for Liverpool.

Speaking after the Norwich game on Saturday, Fairclough observed:

"For everything he [Suarez] does well, you have to be a bit critical. The opportunity he created for himself that he put into the side-netting, using the wrong foot; those type of things have got to be going in.

"He is fantastic, and he's the energy[of the team] and he ignites everyone, but when he gets himself into shooting opportunities, he's not scoring enough goals.

"I know there are plenty of others, but I think we've just got to develop that, and we've got to up our level a little bit".

That will sound a little harsh to many Liverpool fans but if you look at things objectively, Fairclough is arguably right. Suarez has scored only two goals in Liverpool's last eight games, a goal return that doesn't really reflect his talent.

As we saw against Norwich, Suarez creates a lot of chances, but he also misses lots too. So far this season, only 29% of Suarez's shots have been on target, which is something that needs to be worked on.

Fairclough concluded:

"Three draws at Anfield now. You can't afford to be dropping points at home. I think teams now think they can come to Anfield and catch us on the break. Liverpool really have to find the killer instinct and put games to bed".

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. I think it might be a little early to make these judgements. Yes He has perhaps been missing too many shots but I think this could be just a blip. He has shown in the past ( before Liverpool) that he is a very accomplished finisher.

  2. he wil score and he need good serves and u shut up 

  3. I think you're right, almost all his chances he creates for himself. I can't remember many being put on a plate for him.

  4. we have player that shot to the goal with eyes being folded, take for example Downing. Suarez scoring rate is low, but creating chances proven to be highest among others. So who is going to score?? more to french style of football, excellent midfield without deadly striker.

  5. Suarez must be a better finisher than this, we all know hes fantastic and all that but hes not that great finisher hes lost about 10 clear chances vs norwich that was painful to watch, another problem of us I think is downing hes just so poor absolutely average and does nothing at all, I think its time to move him on bench and introduce bellamy , way better player atm than him even tho hes older, also kuyt does nothing im just tired of that hard worker who does nothing at the end of day, what can you say about carroll... just look at him nuff said. Obviously Kenny bought some very wrong players who are costing us points now, we're still a average team I fear we will miss out on top 4 yet again this season, I really cant see us making it to be honest.

  6. only 29% on target ? that's too low ;/

    greatings from www.LFCPoland.com

  7. Its a perfectly fair comment by a man who has the club in his heart & has proven his ability & knowledge where it matters , on the pitch at the very highest level of club football .

    Fairclough in a nutshell said , "No matter how good a player is he cant stop improving"

    Nobody is perfect , not even Suarez & no professional in any sport woke up one morning & discovered they were a professional athlete , they all work damn hard on their skills for a very long time to get to where they are .

    Personally I'm not one bit unhappy with Luis because he is working hard on his game , he is always working on some wee move or some wee trick to get a half a yard on a defender in order to get a quality strike on target or release a final ball to a team mate .

    The role he has within the team is that of a free man , in effect he is a law unto himself , because he has the talent to back up his ego .

    Thats why Gerrard isnt complaining , thats why Dalglish is so happy with him , thats why Carra has declared his love for him in the press .

    The wee man is 90 minutes of pure danger .

    Take yer eye off him for one split second or alternatively mark him one half inch too closely & he will devastate you & turn yer lights right out .

    He is still only setttling in .

    He is still consciously trying to make a good impression .

    Once he is relaxed enough to play alongside anyone in our squad & not just Kuyt you are going to see a player on the same magical levels as Peter Beardsley & Dalglish himself .

    What I want to see is Big Andy Carroll holding the ball up , allowing men to break in behind him & then laying the ball off .

    I also want to see him hitting 15 - 20 goals from set plays .

    Carroll is that good & Suarez is that good & for me its only a matter of time before those to find each others rhythm & set that league on fire .

    Both are still only settling in , both are still consciously trying to make a good impression & Dalglish is man managing both of them so well that none of them has taken any kinda real abuse .

    All in all its going according to plan but I'm glad Fairclough is pointing out that Suarez can improve but lets not ignore what he is doing well , take him on balance & on balance we cant really complain .

  8. hezer way to go mate, don't see why you use the word us. your comments show that you've already given up on your team. have belief! if our players thought like you we would fighting relegation. The only 2 teams fighting for that fourth spot are tottenham n arsenal but once they lose van der vaart n van persie they'll be finished. 

  9. If you cant have faith at least cross yer fingers & HOPE for tha best .

    Those players wont let you down , Kenny Dalglish wont let you down , John W Henry wont let you down .

    They are your family .

    Not always how we want them to be but they are ours & they do their best for us & we in turn do our best for them .

  10. Had this same discussion with somebody on this is anfield forum on sat evening, he disagreed that suarez didnt score enougth. IMO  he makes bad shot selection choices a few times this season he has burst into the box ( the sunderland game is one example if i remember rightly) and chose to chip the keeper which is a low percentage shot to pull off, dont get me wrong its ok to attempt these shots when we are 3 or 4 nil up but at the time we were winning just one nil in a game we ended up drawing and its not the first time this season he has done this either.

    Its hard to fault him for any thing else, his movement is top class.

  11. There's more to come from Suarez, if only local referees accord him enough protection.

  12. Maybe we need lethal finisher.

  13. People just like to criticize, if the goalkeaper wouldn't be superb...we all would be talking about Suarez brace or hat-trick.
    Suarez must be the most exciting player to watch in the PL. And he play for us.
    He did at least 10 incredible movements...those ones that worth to pay a ticket to watch Liverpool playing.
    If he made 2 wrong choices...maybe, but what's about YNWA?
    Let's support our team and our players, next visitor game we'll recover those 2 points.
    Keep it up guys.

  14. he just scored 2 goals =) GO SUAREZ!