24 Oct 2011

JOHN ALDRIDGE: "I left 10 minutes before the end..."

Anfield legend John Aldridge has revealed that he was so disheartened by Liverpool's performance during the 2001 FA Cup final that he walked out on the match, and ended up missing the two Michael Owen goals that clinched the cup for Liverpool.

As every fan will no doubt remember, Arsenal were leading 1-0 in the final with 10 minutes to go.

At that point, a victory seemed very unlikely, and it was this that prompted Aldridge to jump ship before the end. He remembers:

"I left 10 minutes before the end with my son. I just said, look, there's no way we're going to get anything from this; let's go.

"Once we got outside, we heard two roars, and I thought that's Arsenal 2 or 3.

"We asked a hotdog fella who had the radio on and he said Liverpool were now winning 2-1!

"My son wanted to go back in and I said no chance, let's get off. He's never forgiven me since!"

It just goes to show that even the club's greatest players are not immune to the frustration that sometimes drives fans to leave before the end of a game.

I personally think fans should always stay till the end, irrespective of the score, or how badly the team is playing.

I'm sure Aldo regrets it now - the drama of the that last 10 minutes was amazing, and the feeling of joy is always heightened (IMO) when a winning goal is scored right at the death.

Owen's second goal still gives me goosebumps. Such a fantastic moment:

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Smash and grab and its very very best. 

  2. And it took 10 years for this to come out


  3. gutted gooners priceless, still hurts em

  4. Remember this final, very well taken goals from Owen, but it doesn't beat the Gerrard final. 

  5. ahhhh, memories...and the look of my mate who celebrated Ljungberg's goal in my face a bit too early

    however, i walked away @ 87th minute in 2006. Devastated, I stayed away from news and did not find out about Stevie's wonder goal until few days later. That was the last time walk out on the club. oh, except for the 3-0 loss to mancashter city last year

  6. Well said, John Aldridge

  7. Not much of a fan if you left ten minuits before the end , you may aswell go and watch the mancs

  8. Aldridge is a 'plonker'