17 Oct 2011

JOE COLE: "The tactics at Liverpool just didn't suit me..."

Joe Cole is enjoying life in France, where he's in the process of reinvigorating his career with Lille. Playing regularly will be a relief for the former Chelsea man, who spent most of his time on the sidelines at Liverpool. Why did it all go wrong though?

Cole has shed some more light on the problems he believes contributed to his underwhelming performance at Anfield. Under Roy Hodgson:

"I just didn't play enough. I was suspended and then came back into a struggling side and, under Roy [Hodgson], the tactics didn't suit me.

"I'd never criticise him – he had a tough job at the time – but the team weren't playing well and, when that happens, the first players to be dropped are always the flair players and the youngsters. That's just the way it is.

When Hodgson left, things didn't get any better any Kenny Daglish:

"Under Kenny [Dalglish] I'd had a few injuries and the side was settled. As a youngster, at West Ham and Chelsea, I'd been lucky enough to make an impact when I came on and earned the chance to stay involved. At Liverpool, I felt like a young player again.

"I always needed to do something special just to earn another chance. And it didn't happen for me. I'm not going to blame anyone else and I like the club and I'm sure they'll get where they need to go. But I had to come here and play again.

I was never a fan of Joe Cole's signing - during his spell at Anfield, he cost the club 157k a game and 1.2m a goal, which is pretty shocking. However, he's in the shop window now, and if he keeps playing well, perhaps Liverpool can actually make some of that money back when he (hopefully) signs a permanent deal with Lille.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. I always thought that J Cole was a player who showed his tiredness when playing. - both of his hands on his hips ! He never impressed the Malaysian fans either. Sell him.

  2. Anccelotti was asked a question about Joe Cole and Benayoun he responded with this by stating that" Cole is quicker, but Benayoun is better tactically and that "he understands what I tell him," implying that Cole did not.
    May be Cole could n't understand Roy or Kenny and Fabio Capello said he his not the same player.Chelsea,Liverpool and England.
    Should look at himself instead of blaming everyone else. 

  3. "When Hodgson left, things didn't get any better any Kenny Daglish: "Hmmm, who is this person 'Daglish.'Come on man, this is basic spelling.  This trend of just humping out some quotes under the illusion of news or an article is disappointing.

  4. Is there any chance you could write some original content as opposed to clogging up newsnow with these ridiculous articles based around a single quote each time.  Quotes that we can read just as easily from their original sources.

    Yeah yeah, you are commenting on them but why not start a discussion forum then as what you insist on posting daily are forum topics and not news stories.

    Pay per click advertising has 100% killed football journalism. I hope the 6 quid a month you make from PPC and the tiny ego boost is worth churning this shit out for.

  5. How come you havent found an angle to blame Rafa here Jamie?

  6. He was a very good but individual player...much like Garcia.  But i do think he is past his best, but it doesn't mean he's a bad player.  I would like to see back in action for the reds next season.

  7. Why? He used to be class, but he lost something this past two seasons.
    I think we have adequate cover for ANY position now, and he would really struggle to get in the side.
    Let's just wait for the highest bidder.

  8. Well, good for him if things are working out in France. Sometimes a player just doesn't fit into a team despite their ability, thinking Veron for Man U, one of the best players in the world at the time but just didn't work out there.

  9. I think it's more a comment about timing than anything else. Lille has certainly embraced him, he and Hazard have a very clear understanding, he seems fit (looked so coming back from off-season), and he's enjoying his footie again. Never said a wrong thing while with us and I'm happy for him.