17 Oct 2011

STEVE CLARKE: "Everyone at Liverpool is disappointed..."

Liverpool Assistant manager Steve Clarke is disappointed that Liverpool are not Europe this season, but sees the upcoming Rangers game as a great opportunity to give some of the club's young players a european-style run-out.

Clarke, who described the game as a 'glamour tie', enthused:

"It’s always nice to go back to Scotland. Although it’s friendly game it’s always got that competitive edge because it’s England vs. Scotland.

"Whenever you play Rangers or Celtic you expect a difficult game, and I’m sure the game at Ibrox will be no exception to that. Hopefully they’ll get a good crowd in for the match, and if you get that, the atmosphere will be quite hostile".

Clarke likened the game to a European tie, which could be good experience for Liverpool's young players:

"It’s a good learning process for some of the younger players who haven’t perhaps experienced that much European football, and if we can get them some time on the pitch I think that’ll be very beneficial for them in the future.

"We’re all disappointed that we’re not involved in Europe this year, but we’re hopeful that in years to come we will be involved, so it’s important to get some experience, especially for the younger players".

Let's hope Liverpool don't come away with any injuries.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Hope they give the fringe players and younger players a chance, instead of risking any of our senior players.

  2. Think we will see the likes of Maxi, Robinson, Coates, Spearing, Wilson, Doni, Flanagan, Bellamy and Henderson making the team and to give players from the reserves some first team action might not be a bad idea.

  3. What a load of tosh, give the younger players a run out?  What will that prove Steve?  

    We already know Robinson, Wilson and Spearing don't have it at this level.  so why not play most of the senior players to get them to click because the senior players haven't gelled yet and this is a great opportunity as mentioned in the first post for the first team to learn to play well and get results away from home.

  4. We know some of the younger players may not be at the desired level yet, but i agree with Clarke, and they should get a runout as this will be a very good learning experience for them.  How else can they get experience of a 'big European' game?