26 Oct 2011

LAWRENSON: "Liverpool are not good enough to finish in the top 4..."

Former Liverpool player Mark Lawrenson is often reviled by fans for his outspoken views on the club, and when asked about Liverpool's top 4 chances a few days ago, the European Cup winning defender was in typically blunt form.

Speaking on Today FM (Ireland), Lawrenson was fairly pessimistic about Liverpool's chances of finishing in the Premier League's top 4 positions:

"I don’t think they’re quite good enough to finish in the top 4. I think it’s taking a little more time than they thought for the players to settle, and the big problem for me would be injury to Suarez, which would deal them an absolutely major blow.

"Liverpool are getting there slowly but it’s just going to take some time. They can’t finish in the top four positions...I think Tottenham are a better side in all honesty, and unless they have massive injury problems, I think they’ll make 4th".

In my view, brutal honesty is always preferable to ego massage and blind faith, and taking everything into consideration, I can see where Lawrenson is coming from.

Spurs are a point ahead of Liverpool at the moment with a game in hand, and Arsenal are only two points behind, and looking ominous. This is a massive turaround from earlier in the season, when both Arsenal and Spurs were near the relegation zone, and Liverpool had a major points advantage over the two.

As we've seen over the last few weeks though, that advantage has been completely wasted, and unless both Arsenal and Spurs go through another horrible run of form, it's (arguably) going to be difficult for Liverpool to regain the initiative.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. why dont ya talk about da 200 liverpool legends who reckon we will finish top 4? because that wont get ppl to your site tellin ya what a c@ck you are...

  2. Lawrenson reads opinion polls then says what he thinks is the most popular view , that way he stays in work .

    Spurs or Arsenal dont impress me one bit , Chelski dont impress me either & I'm not 100% convinced in Man City , they are on the crest of a wave right now but waves hit the shore sooner or later & thats when we will see the real Man City , I can see them struggling for top 4 especially if they get out of their Champions League group . Not even Utd are convincing this season & they werent last season either , they have been living off Fergies fading reputation for a long time now & I think the Premier League is wide open , We might not win it this season but theres no reason we shouldnt be looking at the top two .

    Lawrenson is right enough that we are a work in progress but we have more than enough genuine proven Premier League quality in our squad to compete with anyone of those teams over 38 games & we have enough know how in our squad to lift a cup this season too .

    We have 4 international strikers competing for a starting place & as such if any of them get injured we have quality cover ready , willing & able to comeinto the side & keep the show on the road .

    Honesty is a two way street & the truth doesnt always hurt JK .

  3. Lawrenson, the alleged paedophile. His opinion isn't worth the postage stamp its written on.

    Any chance while you are trawling the internet for cut and paste artiicles, Jamie, that you could find some positive articles  and paste them please?

    Thought not.

  4. He just wants to be noticed, I would never publish his views.

    As for LFC, Tottenham has a better team, and are playing better.
    If LFC could maintain Gerrard fit and on form, Luis firing and Carroll to start delivering than we might have fourth spot to luck forward too.

    But LFC doesn't have too much time to make those draws in to wins.  

  5. Lawrenson is an ex-LFC player; he has just as much right (perhaps more) than you or me to air his views on the club. Just because his opinions don't conform to comfortable fan expectation doesn't mean they should've be aired.

  6. Lawrenson is paid to give his opinion & no man paid his worth bites the hand that feeds therefore Lawrensons opinion is suspect & has to be taken with a pinch of salt if not outright disregarded completely .

    Some of what he says may be factual & he may even believe some of it too but the fact he has a pay master & is a professional "Opinionist" renders the sincerity of his comments null & void .

    The only Ex Player whos opinion I trust is that of our Manager , Kenny Dalglish .

  7. Being paid for punditry does not make comments null and void (just because you disagree with him)- if I disagree with you does that make your comments null and void too?

    The only opinion I trust is my own and it is based upon what I see not what people say. From what I have seen there is little evidence to suggest that we are going to make a top 4 place this season. The performances and results are disappointing so far and KD needs to do something to change them both before we are completely out of contention.

    KD has been given the financial backing and he needs to start delivering. Legend or not he will be shown the door if he doesn't sort things out - after all, that's what he is paid a huge salary to do.

  8. I agree that we have more than enough quality in the squad to finish in the top 4, the question is whether that potential will be realised over a season.

    Although I think the club massively overspent on transfers, you can't really blame Dalglish for the type of player he bought.  Downing, Carroll, Henderson et al are all, in theory, Premier League proven, and I'm sure KD would've expected a bigger impact from them so far.

    However you dress it up, Henderson, Downing and Carroll have not done the business this season so far.  Charlie Adam cost 10% of the total spend on those three and he's already got 1 goal and 4 assists so far this season, which is a bigger creative return than Henderson, Downing and Carroll combined.

    Quite worrying I would suggest.

  9. I didnt say his comments were null & void .

    I said that the SINCERITY of his comments were rendered null & void due to the fact he accepts money for giving an opinion , in any other walk of life it would be bribery .

  10. spot on Bob. KD need to deliver because he got full supoort from the owner and the fans.

  11. I agree. We are looking pretty poor at the moment, but it appears KK will be allowed to spend again in January, and who know we may be firing again by then. 

    We had Kuyt, Maxi and Meireles with the aid of Suarez all guns blazing at one point last season and there's no reason why Kuyt and Maxi can't hit form again this season. Add to that Gerrard back, Bellamy, Carroll and Suarez who are all proven goal scorers, plus a few superb set pieces from Gerrard and Adam and we could have a good stint where we are the best in the league again. 

    Who would have thought it this time last year, but it happened. We are already creating an immense amount of chances, we just need our proven scorers to hit form and/or to add to our squad in January... YNWA

  12. I would suggest the opposite & the only way any of them can be judged fairly is at the end of the season & our performance in the cups & league is taken into consideration .

    Personally I cant see how signing a ...

    Brazillian International Goal Keeper with Champions League Experience

    25 yr LB with 100 Premier League Games

    27 yr English international  LW with 330 Premier League games & 30 + goals

    21 Yr CM/RM English international with 90 Premier League games & 6 goals

    22 yr English international CF with 54 Premier League games & 17 goals

    32 yr Welsh International CF with 298 premier League games & 98 goals

    25 yr Scottish international CM with 35 + premier League games & 13 goals

    23 yr Uruguayan international with Champions League experience

    20 yr Uruguayan Copa America winning CB

    all for under £110 million as bad business .

    As a matter of fact I think its fantastic business bordering upon magical .

    I appreciate you may be leaning toward controversy for the sake of the site but if you arent then you are clearly worrying far too much .

    I havent seen the club looking this good since the 80's

    From the board room to the boot room & everything else in between we are looking very much like our true selves once again .

    Perhaps too many of our fans are expecting "Champagne Football" & are ignoring the fact that at out core style never came before substance & although when the big red trophy winning machine was in full effect at home & abroad it was a joy to watch , there were also seasons where we simply ground the opposition down .

    I'm perfectly happy with what I have seen so far .

    Yes it could have been better but there have been lots & lots of mitigating circumstances & the season is far from over , all throughout at our core we have progressed upon progression & are still comfortably within sight of our objectives this season , namely to finish batter 6'th & do better in the cups .

    If we achieve that we wont be far away from being a genuine threat to all before us next season .

  13. KKenny signing have been the reason we are struggling. you can gloss over the cracks as much as you want..just by saying Downing Henderson and Carroll are top class doesn't mean that they are.

    blind faith ..just because Kenny signs a player doesn't mean they are world class .

    We messed up and until we buy 3 players to replace these 3 we will carry on the same.

    Kenny needs to admit he messed up and try to rectify his mistakes

  14. Why don't fans and explayers wait until after the Christmas period this is when you get a real idea where the team is and how it has progressed then pass a half season judgement not ten games in when we are still finding their feet especially finding their shooting boots.
    The team is producing chances,if we were n't producing chances then we should be worried, we need to start taking those chances. 
    If we still are n't taking our chances we should buy Torres back(!);) 

  15. Lawro speaks his mind, that's his personality.  LFC fans tend to forget as a pundit you can't appear to be biased towards your former club, you have to be professional and call it as you see it.  Otherwise TV audiences will switch off and you face not being rehired.   One example, Gary Neville- when Sky announced Neville as the new pundit at Sky Sports you wondered if it was a good move, I thought at the time- bad move, what are Sky Sports playing at? Neville's too biased.  Well, he's surprised me, during United's games he's criticised their performances and he's praised Liverpool, City and Chelsea on their performances.  Are you going to doubt his loyalty towards Utd for criticising their poor performances? you bet you won't.        

    I'm a firm believer that if or when we win trophies you watch how both Lawro and Hansen will be kissing the teams backsides on MOTD.  Will Spurs grab 4th spot? they have a good chance but Spurs and Redknapp have history at going on a bad run of form, this is why LFC have a chance to get 4th spot.

  16. Torres is a shawdow of the player he used to be. I would rather go and get Mario Gomez but we will need to play CL football in order for that to happen.

  17. I was joking, but watched Torres just recently and he his looking dangerous again especially with Meireles and Mata.
    Karim Benzema a strong front running forward someone who can shrug a defender off Or for a Premier League player Daniel Sturridge.

  18. If Bellamy and Suarez are paired together up front and Carra is dropped we have as good a chance as any of making that top 4. But as these two changes look highly unlikely I have to agree with Lawro.

  19. whether you agree or disagree with lawro,liverpool still struggle to turn possesion in to wins.until we stop feeling hard done by and become more clinical on the pitch,then this season will just be like the last two!!still think henderson and carroll will get better.Downing needs 2 believe in himself more and Adam, although proving great quality needs a quicker footballing brain.alonso could pick his pass in a split second.maybe when gerrard and suarez read each others mind we can hope on champions league football again!

  20. Liverpool Forever7:19 am, October 27, 2011

    Club lookin this good than the 80s? Have you forgotten the 2009 team, getting 86 points, consisting of Alonso, Masch n a rather settled Torres. That team would run rings around this Liverpool side!

    The club massively overspent. Period. 35 mill could have got us a Higuain, plus change.

    Henderson is not worth 20 mill, if he is, then Modric at 40 mill is a snip.

    Charlie Adam can never be as good as Meireles / Acquilani...

    Downing is another waste at 20 mill...

    The only good news from this summer's signings has been Bellamy, and he's free!

    4th place looks wishful - unless things turn around massively.... long way to go, and I'd love to be proven wrong.

    Hope we get some value from selling off the flops come next summer. Another year gone waste!

  21. Well said Mark, we have to do our best and keep fighting.

  22. our left flank looks better now than it did then.

  23. lawro = reverse phycology. the man has a weird sense of humour. im sure he would love to be proved wrong obviously. maybe trying to take pressure off liverpool

  24. What do people expect? Make new signings, win 9/9, score 3 goals+ per game? With a bit of luck - I.e winning against Sunderland, Man Utd. & Norwich, which I think we can all agree are games we could easily have won we would currently be second in the league. Anyone who thinks that what is currently happening is 'worrying' or has doubts over any of the new signings - get a grip, seriously. We are a developing team and for the first time in years have a decent squad as well as a first team that's a match for anyone. 

    Lawro's entitled to his opinion, as is anyone - all I would say is that it's too close to call for fourth spot and whatever happens I'm looking forward to the rest of the season and optimistic for the first time since 2008/2009.

  25. Nicholas B Biggars10:31 am, October 27, 2011

    You should change your name to Liverpool Pessimist not Liverpool Forever.

  26. I think people just expect the team to take the chances that are presented to them rather than squander them.  Frankly, Liverpool could have, at this point, been favourites for 4th spot if players were hitting the back of the net, but, as seen against Man Utd, they aren't and are being punished for it.

  27. Reading a lot of these comments, I think theirs a massive sense of hysteria. We've played teams of the park in most games this season, the exception being tottenham. Our main problem has been turning chances into goals. When managers talk about little details, it's true. The Stoke game away we should have an extra 3 points for, the united game should have been a win and we should have an extra 2 points for, and the same as the Norwich game. With those points people's views would be far different. As for talking about wasting money and overspending, you can't judge players after 3 months in a Liverpool shirt aswell as ignore what they have previously achieved. Give them time. With their values, I woulda agree that some are inflated, but to be honest it all depends what you can afford. If a pint costs you a tenner you'd be annoyed, but John Henry wouldn't, it may turn out to be the best pint ever, I don't understand the obsession with price tags, unless we'll be left in debt, which I can't see, then does it matter as long as it's an extra option or improvement on the squad?

  28. bullshit! mate...

  29. I dont know why some of you mug's in here support Liverpool, they dont need the like's of you and they certainly dont need the opinion's of a half baked mick who just adores following the manc's.
    Liverpool are there to be supported not to be slated by so called fan's who want total success yesterday, i went when we were in the old second division and i still go now and no it's not blind faith just loyalty, some of you should try it.

  30. If Liverpool maintain a top 6 place by the end of January and would have spent on new talent only then will Liverpool make the top 4.  Then again, that's assuming the other clubs like Arsenal and Spurs don't add comparatively more value to their squads that month either.  Liverpool need IMO, three buys come Jan: another defensive mid option to Lucas, another player than can play both wings (and even operate behind the striker), another striking option to Carrol and Suarez.  I especially agree with Lawro though, on the count that if Suarez gets injured, we're in for some huge problems.

  31. This is rubbish man.

  32. I'd be giving all sorts of views if I was paid to do that.

    My opinion is more honest because it's free and I took my time to say what I mean.

    I'm not saying he is not right about the subject, I'm just saying he is too quick to get his name in the paper.

  33. So you are confident that players you mentioned above are not going to perform for rest of the season. I am sure current Liverpool team would gel soon to get back to winning ways. For me,  I am worried more about us not keeping clean sheets and lack of pace in team.