13 Oct 2011

KENNY DALGLISH gives his view on Ian Ayres' revenue proposal...

Ian Ayre's recent comments have caused a furore of debate and acrimony across the country, with one Premier League chairman going so far as to label the idea as 'diabolical'. What does Kenny Dalglish make of his managing director's assertion that top clubs like Liverpool, Man United and Chelsea should be taking a bigger share of international TV revenues ?

During his press conference a few minutes ago, Dalglish was asked if had an opinion on Ayres' comments, and he responded with trademark dry humour:

"Not really. I’ve been watching the Michael Jackson trial though, and as they keep saying in the witness stand, ‘that’s beyond my expertise’ "

Kenny did expand a little bit after that though:

"It [increased revenue] is an important part of every club’s finances, but I don’t know how it works at the moment, so I wouldn’t know whether it was going to be an improvement, or whether it would be detrimental.

"He [Ayres] just does his job and I do mine. I don’t know enough about it about it to make an educated comment. It’s the wrong guy sitting here to answer that question I’m afraid"

I'm not sure I believe that Kenny doesn't know how the revenue structure works at the moment (!), but I think this is about as much as we're ever going to get out of Liverpool's manager on this particular subject.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Class act KK, the one liners are tops!!!!!

  2. Same old boring press conference as per usual,I always need the subtitles on with his mutterings.Show some bottle Kenny and say whats on your mind Rafa would have stuck up for Ian Ayre.Oh I forgot were doing everything the Liverpool way now arent we staying schtum and not letting anyone know your opinion on anything.

  3. Rafa was an idiot in press conferences. The man couldn't even put a smile on his face when his team won and you are mocking Kenny Dalglish for what exactly?

  4. Rafa is a honest decent man who gives his opinion in a honest and open way.Rafa always kept the fans informed Rafa is a fan.Now Dalglish never says anything to let the fans know anything,you get nothing out of him.There is no point to his press conferences we dont learn anything so there just a waste of time.Gerrard is ahead of schedule we heard for the last 8 months,so everyones presumed he was going to be ready for the start of the season.Carroll isny playing because hes got a bruise was one quote off him.Its pathetic the way he ignores the fans.

  5. Not as pathetic as guarenteeing 4th and listening how Rafa constantly EVERY time repeated himself was enough for anyone to fall asleep.

    What exactly made Rafa great in when he had his turn to face the media? They made him look like a plonker everytime because he kept on saying the most idiotic things and he just kept on making a fool out of himself.

    Dalglish strolls through an interview whereas saint benitez cuts his nose off to spite his face.

  6. what about the time he came back with the cahill comment about zonal/man marking? rafa and kenny were/are both great for the club in press conferences etc, better than roy anyways. either way, i like both rafa's and kenny's way of dealing with the press. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aC3HzCVVV14 :) 

  7. Kenny could of answered that question with his own idea but, like he said the buisness of the club in all its entirity is done behind closed doors. this is why press conferences are cagey and one liners are thrown in all over the place. bob paisley and shankley where always coming out with press conferences that aired away from the nitty gritty at the club. This was KK silencing the press in an instant by adding a bit of subtle witt and common sense. KK is passionate for liverpool and it is only when the fans come into question you see his love for the club come out as he has ultimate respect for all liverpool fans, other than that emotion stops at the door of the press conference.

  8. Ian Ayre put King Kenny in a difficult position, Kenny talks about the "Liverpool  Way" and dealing with issues internally first then when the ink is dry releasing it to the fans and public and we don't talk about other clubs and treat them with respect, Ayre has managed up set the whole of the Premier League in one interview which I don't think even Rafa manged that one and make the club center of attention for the wrong reasons again.