6 Oct 2011

JORDAN HENDERSON on Gerrard, Messi, Carroll + life at Liverpool...

Liverpool midfielder Jordan Henderson is away on England duty at the moment, but he took time out from training to answer some questions on a variety of different topics.

Henderson took to Twitter to respond to the questions, one of which confirmed his favoured playing position...and it's not on the right of midfield:

@reds4us: Do you prefer playing on the wing or central?
I prefer centre but I’m always happy to play where the manager says and just want to be playing football

@shivamLM: Who is better: Maradona or Messi?
They are both great players but I’d have to say Messi as I’ve seen him play a lot more

@Kane_LFC: Who is your best friend at Liverpool?

I probably get on with Andy and Stewy the most, probably because they’re from the north-east as well.

@James_Isherwood: What are you most excited about being a footballer in the next five years?
I’m excited to be playing for Liverpool hopefully for many years and just want to keep improving every day.

@Ethanlamptey97: How’s your time at Liverpool been so far?

I have really enjoyed my time at Liverpool. Everyone has been brilliant and I’m sure the is even more to come.

@markill: Are you concenred at your first team chances given the amount of competition for centre-midfield places in the LFC squad?
I’m not concerned cos that’s part of being a footballer. It’s how u respond to set-backs. I’ll make sure I work hard always.

Olly West: To date, who is the most accomplished player you have played with or against?
Playing with is Stevie Gerrard in training and on Saturday, he's such a talented player and one I can hopefully learn a lot from. Against was probably Thiago for Spain at the Euros in the summer. He was very good.

You can read the rest of the (non-Liverpool) related questions on the FA Website here -->>

Jaimie Kanwar


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