6 Oct 2011

LFC Legends on CRAIG BELLAMY: "He wants to win so much that he might annoy his teammates..."

Craig Bellamy has made a great start to the second part of his Liverpool career, and former players Ronnie Whelan, Gary Gillespie and John Aldridge believe he has a big role to play this season.

Ronnie Whelan has been impressed with Bellamy's commitment to the cause:

"Craig Bellamy will give you 100 percent wherever he goes, whatever team he plays for. I think at times he wants to win so much that that he might annoy people around him, and annoy his team-mates, but i think it's just something that's in him.

"I was always confident with Kenny bringing him back here that you were going to get 1oo% out of him because that's what he does"

Gary Gillespie believes it's time for Bellamy to be given a starting place:

"He's a liverpool supporter, which always helps, without any shadow of a doubt. You know exactly what youre going to get from Bellamy, and when he's come on, he's done himself no harm whatsoever.

"I think a lot of liverpool supporters would like to see him start against Man United, but the manager is blessed with a few options"

John Aldridge agrees with Gillespie:

"I'm in favour of Craig Bellamy starting for Liverpool FC from now on. Kenny has got to look at the games the Welshman has been involved in so far and see the way he has performed. He was terrific against Brighton and then came on against Everton and has put himself right in the frame".

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. I would like to see a 4-2-3-1 start against United Reina-Kelly-Carragher-Agger-Enrique-Lucas-Gerrard-Bellamy-Suarez-Downing-Carroll  I think Jonhson is going to be out for the United game so Kelly gets the nod ahead of them Lucas would sit in fornt of the back four intercepting and tackling Gerrard would be given a little more freedom to push forward while Bellamy would play from the left wing and Downing from the right then Suarez in behind Carroll alternatively u could play Suarez where Bellamy is push Gerrard in behind Carroll and play Adam next to Lucas or drop Carroll and push Gerrard in behind Suarez it's great that we actually have a few options 

  2. Your headline erroneously implies that the comment was made by Bellamy which is totally incorrect..

  3. Bellamy is vary nice player and vary aggresive with lot of Ideas and Footballing brain. He must start at left wing as he had shown great combination with Inrique we can play downing at the right wing which is his natural place. A player can perform well at his natural place instead of make shift place. I think, with the arrival of Bellamy Kenny's winger problem have been sold. Now we have to concentrate on defence to make clean shits. If u are making clean shits its mean u are not lossing a match and can win even after scoring a single goal.

  4. Yup. Bellamy is a "vary" intelligent player who "very" his game.

  5. Jim Mason Paddock Stand11:46 am, October 07, 2011

    Not sure about this shit all over the pitch lad, I am also not sure when we brought Inrique, but if his half as good as Enrique, he will be a great addition to the squad!!

  6. Downing's natural place is on right wing? He is left footed mate. That would mean to get the best out of his left peg, he would need to either cut in or when he gets to the byline, cut back to cross, where him being on the left wing which is his true natural position, allows him to make the runs to the byline to get his crosses in. And by the way, a clean shit? If you are making clean shits, you need to patent that, that could make you a lot of money.