5 Oct 2011

RYAN BABEL: "As a young player, you dream of an opportunity like Liverpool"

It's an understatement to suggest that Ryan Babel never quite realised his undoubted potential at Liverpool. For a variety of reasons - many of which were not his fault - the Dutchman's career never really took off. Babel now plys his trade in the Bundesliga with Hoffenheim in the Bundesliga, but as he revealed in a recent interview, Liverpool FC is still very special to him.

Things may not have worked out for Babel, but he's grateful for the amazing opportunity he got at Liverpool:

"As a young player, you dream of an opportunity like I got at Liverpool. I couldn't let that slip. I could go to Liverpool, a club with a big reputation around the world. For the opportunity that they gave me, I will always keep that club in my heart.

"When it didn't work out at the Reds, I got a chance to start all over again at Hoffenheim. I could restart in relative peace."

Babel also hints that he may have left Ajax a little early:

"In hindsight, it's easy to say that for my development it would have been better to stay in Amsterdam for a few years. But I don't regret anything."

Despite the setbacks at Liverpool, he appears to be regaining his confidence, and then some (!):

"I've got enough confidence to say that I have the same potential as Robben and Ribery, but at the same time I know that this doesn't say much. There are more players that have the same potential.

"In the end, it's all about getting the best out of yourself and that's only possible if you work really hard. I know I can get at the level of those two at some point in my career. Hopefully I will show that this season."

Ryan Babel regualarly suffered from what I call the 'Benitez Effect' at Liverpool, but with 5 goals in 9 games for Hoffenheim so far this season, things are looking good, and I'm sure most Liverpool fans wish him well for the future.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. I for one wish Ryan all the luck. I always liked him and could not believe some of the shit he had to withstand at Liverpool :(

  2. let slip a good player, he just needed an arm round him to tell him hes great, and treated with a bit more respect. wish him all the best. sahme we never put a barcalona buy back clause in his contract, just in case

  3. Definitely one that needed some guidance and to be played in a more regular fashion (and in the right role) in order to try and nurture his talent. I'm not sure he'd ever be an 'intelligent' player but more along the lines of an in-form Torres (and no, I'm not suggesting he's anywhere near an in-form Torres) where it's the instinct that takes over. Sadly he was never really given a long enough run of games to bed in well enough for that to become evident.

  4. Loads of potential my arse.
    Fast - but not with the ball - and a good shot. That's all the lads got.
    Spectacularly I'll-suited to a left wing slot.
    I wish him all the best, but guarantee any success he has will be as an out and out striker.

  5. Showed how intelligent u r

  6. Why won't it include a bedding in period? If we invested in sgares or property, we too would be gambling on potential and would have to exercise patience. Same applies to football. I see your point that some players are indeed instantly super, like Suarez, Enrique, and like Torres was for us. However, certain players like Downing and Carroll are there to provide us with tactical options we didn't have. They may not have hit the ground running, nor is there a guarantee they would be great players, but we now have a wide man who does what he's supposed to and a young target man who's possibly the best of his type! Would we have wanted Carlton Cole? Or Heskey or Crouch back? Kenwyne Jones?