28 Oct 2011

INJURY UPDATE: Latest on Luis Suarez (From Kenny a few mins ago...)

In his weekly press conference a few minutes ago, Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish provided a new update on the fitness of star striker Luis Suarez.

Kenny Dalglish said:

"He needs a bit of treatment. We'll see how he is.

"He's had a tough time so far this season, but we'll see how he is for tomorrow".

Sounds ominous. I wouldn't be surprised if Suarez starts on the bench tomorrow. As for the rest of the squad, Kenny confirmed that there are no more injury worries.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Suarez is a tough boy but unless he either gets some protection from (Corrupt) referees or learns how to take a dive ?

    Then he is very much in danger if picking up a career threatening if not a career ending injury by the time the transfer window opens .

  2. At least he got a couple of oh so important goals in the Carling Cup again though eh

    All this talk about a squad game, yet we're being made to look like the team is being built to be dependent on one or two players again as usual...

  3. Thats right ,

    We should drop all the players in good form & use the players in not so good form until such time the players in form drop outa form & then we can maintain our habit of not getting to the last 8 of that competition for 4 years !!!

    I hate winning !

  4. Right on Brehon - the League Cup has to be the priority this season. It's been way too long since we last picked that up and Man U might catch our record in that competition soon too if we're not careful!
    Screw the league, it's embarassing that Birmingham have won the League Cup more recently than us and I want it back asap(!)

  5. I'd say its "A" priority not "The" Priority .

    Our League position is way more important than any other competition which is why we are always upset when we dont win it , people complain about us thinking we have a divine right to win it but sure what can we do apart from be ourselves & we are who we are , guilty as charged .

    We arent worried about Man Utd because if they arent threatening our past records than someone else will be .

    Fact of the matter is this ...

    We are a big red gluttonous trophy winning machine , there isnt a member of our club be they owner , manager , player or supporter who wouldnt trample over the oppositions dear old granny to lift a trophy .

    We are horrible & the worst thing about us is we play superior football to do it too !

    There should be a law against us !

  6. Give Suarez the need rest to fully recover and play Caroll alongside Kyut. Lucas can be benched.

  7. Do you actually believe all that you wrote up there Brehon, or are you just putting on a front to prove that you're some sort of superfan?? :-/