28 Oct 2011

Kenny Dalglish slams the FA over the Luis Suarez-Patrice Evra situation...

Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish has accused the FA of 'dragging its feet' over the Luis Suarez-Patrice Evra racism issue.

In his weekly press conference a few minutes ago, Dalglish revealed his frustration over how long it's taking to resolve the issue:

"We’ve got a case going on ourselves, which seems to be dragging its feet. We would rather have it done and dusted and out in the open.

"Whoever’s the guilty party, whether it’s the person who said it [Suarez], or the accuser [Evra], should get their due punishment. We look forward to the issue coming to a conclusion".

Dalglish also made it clear what side of the fence he's on re the Suarez-Evra issue:

"For me, I don’t see racism, and as far as this club is concerned, it’s not apparent in any way shape or form".

When asked whether racism was prevalent in the game, Dalglish then responded:

"I don’t think it’s prevalent in the game, certainly not at this football club".

We can take Kenny's word for it that racism is not prevalent at Liverpool, but his contention that it's not prevalent in the game seems a little naive.

It is obviously an issue within the game, and it would surely be more helpful if Dalglish publicly acknowledge this and called for changes to be made.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. King Kenny JFT 967 YNWA12:29 pm, October 28, 2011

    how can a white guy..no matter how much of legend he is..convey an understanding of the feelings racism brings...Like he said " i dont see racism" I think more people like the ferdinands and chris houghton etc, should do more but i think he is right in that its not prevalent in the prem but general sunday footy outside the M25 it is..

  2. The FA are dragging its feet because Suarez who hasnt got a bad bone in his body is the innocent white man who has been accused by the nasty horrible lying black man.So lets see oh we live in England oh we cannot possibly be seen to accuse the nasty horrible lying black man of andy wrong doing so lets drag our feet and hope it all blows away.White or black their is good or bad,just because you are black doesnt mean you should recieve preferrential treatment,but we live in England so this isnt the case.

  3. A lack of "TOKENISM" does not equal "racism"

    Tokenism is the much more abhorrent crime against nature .

    To have a law for one group of
    people & have a different law for another set of people is
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    We all have the natural right to
    express ourselves as individuals as we see fit but for those who would
    attempt to encourage the slaughter of innocence as Abu Hamza did ,
    there are laws to protect the innocent when individuals attempt to
    incite murder as Hamza did .

    To use that same law to persecute a footballer for
    at worst trying to gain a psychological edge on an opponent is
    draconian , primitive & barbaric to say the least , to call it a
    perverse mockery of justice & a malicious use of democratic
    authority in that case would be more accurate .

    For example , If I , being of
    Celtic origin , were to find myself playing a professional Sport
    outside my Genetic Territory due to my parents deciding they wanted
    more money & that their cultural & genetic roots were worth
    less to them than plain old CASH regardless of the affect it would have
    on their children or I just decided of my own free will to go outside
    my Genetic territory to for example , Japan for nothing more than plain
    old CASH & should a Japanese point out to me every game I played
    that I was a Genetic Alien in the Territory with no natural rights or
    entitlements there ?

    Well if I was so limp wristed I
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    head for my Genetic Homeland , namely Western Europe & preferably
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    with the culture & morality I had apparently missed so badly .

    Football is a global game with
    professional Leagues on every continent if not in every country so I
    would have no excuse for staying where I didnt get everything handed to
    me on a silver platter like a weak little princess .

    The right to express yourself
    freely is a natural right & it is protected in Law in North America
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    If there are people within those
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    liberty’s & Rights do not exist .

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  5. Are you suggesting that one has the right to express themselves freely (as long as the views do not promote violence) and if the other party finds this offensive then tough, get on with it.  If so, then I'd say you are not correct in the head.    

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  15. Guys, dont you know that the English FA always let MU have their ways.Nothing is farther than that.