28 Oct 2011

Roy Evans on Carroll: "It was totally out of order..."

Former Liverpool manager Roy Evans has again berated Fabio Capello for his comments earlier in the season about Andy Carroll, arguing that the unwarranted criticism has contributed to the striker's mixed form over the last couple of months.

Speaking to LFC TV on Wednesday, Evans was clearly angry with the England Manager for what he sees as starting rumours, and creating doubt in the player. Evans argued:

"Since the England manager said a few things about him...everone's doubting what he [Andy Carroll] is doing, and there's rumours and all sorts about him.

"I thought [Capello] was totally out of order. It wasn't for the England manager to say that. You're talking about someone else's property at the end of the day; he's not England's property he's liverpool's property"

Evans also argued that people should forget about Carroll's huge price tag:

"I think with Andy Carroll you've got to be careful. Everyone's talking about the 35m we paid for him; forget the figure - we paid the going rate because we had to get someone in on the back of torres leaving".

Evans acknowledged that, in comparison to Luis Suarez - who he says has been 'absolutely fantastic - Carroll 'hasn't done as well', and urged the striker to get his head down and start showing people that Liverpool made the right choice:

"He [Carroll] looks laboured sometimes, but that's his style. He's not a fluent mover on the pitch, but he's getting better.

"He's got to get his head down and work hard; he's got to get himself in the team and he's got to start scoring goals. That'll give him the confidence, and that will give everyone around him, the fans as well, confidence.

"But Andy's got to do it himself - it's not about Kenny Dalglish, or the coaching staff, or the crowd liking him. Andy's got to put in a performance week in week out".

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Wise words by Roy there .

    Evans was a great judge of a player , great tactically too , he just lacked that wee bitta steel needed to rule a rowdy mob of young healthy men with an Iron Fist when needed .

    If he had that steely cold nerve ?

    He coulda been one of the greats .

  2. Andy Caroll is an unpolished diamond and I reckon with proper coaching and guidance he will be a hit with Liverpool. Just give him time.

  3. I dont have anything against Andy Carroll, he is what he is. But its gotta be deemed a mistake to spend 35 million. I think we could have got 2-3 young players with that amount of money along with potential rather than one player with potential. 

  4. Totally agree with Evans. It isn't for the England manager to criticise a player. If he had doubts and concerns about his lifestyle then he should have raised it with Liverpool management directly and not through the press. Showed a lack of respect and a naiveity on behalf of Capello. The price for Carroll is irrelevant as ulitmately the net effect was practically 0. Again, as with Henderson, he needs to adjust but he needs to start running his socks off in every game to get the critics off his back.  

  5. cappello is clueless, made us a laughing stock last world cup, maybe he should take a look at himself before publicly humiliating andy c, talk about lay the boot in when your down. the sooner he is gone and harry comes in players like carroll kelly hendo etc will come good for england and florish.
    will be usual heartache this euro, gerrard out of position for a lot lesser player, darren bent up front, you could go on and predict it.....................god im depressed thinking about it

  6. I don´t understand ( give him time )  either you have it or you don´t....and I have seen Andy and he don´t have it, plain and simple.

  7. From your comments, it's obvious you are still struggling with your punctuation.

  8. No way can £35mln be called irrelevant because football is a business and offsetting one asset against another to justify wastage does not cut it.
    If a man wins £100mln lotto and buys the titanic for £75mln and  then it promptly hits an iceberg, he is not going to say its not a loss because it was free money, he lost £75mln because that's an investment that needs to make a return.
    The club lost Torres and his 65 goals in 102 games for a good figure of £50mln which in a way was bitter sweet since we got good money but lost his goal threat. 
    The club then spent a good £35mln breaking the British player record in the process to get Carroll who has since had a return of 3 goals from 15 games in the 10 months he has been a Liverpool player. There is an excuse he was injured when purchased so its said that cannot count against him but see how the press and fans reacted to £17mln on an injured Aquilani, besides should the injury have not reduced the fee or rather does it mean Newcastle could have gone higher?
    Liverpool pulled a fast one to get as much as we did from Chelsea but then again Torres had a proven record but it was Newcastle who pulled a blinder by marking up an asset the valued at £1mln by a whopping £34mln..
    £35mln gets you a David Villa or 5 Chicaritos or 2 Adebayos or a pick of one of Mata, Nasri, Silva, while banking £10mln spare change.

  9. I agree it is a business and Newcastle used their business skills as did Liverpool. Carroll's price tag dictated that of Torres. I'm not sure why you think he was a £1m asset? He had just become an England international and was highly sought after. Liverpool were in a position where they needed a forward pretty quickly as Torres had submitting his request. They went after the most highly sough after player in English football thus showing ambition. It is all supposition that we could have got him or him - what top class forwards come on the market in January? And more importantly - what top class forwards who would have actually wanted to come Liverpool in their position? Some of the players you have listed would never come to Liverpool so we got what we could at that time and you have to pay a premium for it. Now we just need to get behind the decision and the team!      

  10.  I'm strugglin with nothin especially not a compulsion to imitate a secretary & spell check & or proof read strangers online by means of introduction .

    Now go wipe that egg off yer face , yer an embarrassment to our club .

  11. Yawn.  More rehashed comments in the guise of an article.  BOOOOOOOORINNNNNNNNNG