27 Oct 2011

STEVE CLARKE: "That's why Liverpool bought him..."

Liverpool's assistant manager Steve Clarke has been singing the praises of Jordan Henderson today, waxing lyrical about the quality of his pass to set up Luis Suarez's second goal against Stoke City.

Clarke told the LFC TV Channel that Henderson is 'one for the future', but the midfielder also 'has the quality to turn games' now. He enthused:

"It's always been the case in football throughout the years that the goalscorer gets the headlines, but sometimes the assist is just as good.

"Luis did all the hard work himself for the first goal, but it was a fantastic first time ball in from Jordan henderson for the second goal.

"A pass like that catches the defence unaware; if Jordan has a touch on the bal and then tries to cross it, the defenders have time to adjust and maybe you don't get the goal.

"That's why the club has made an investment in Jordan. He's one for the future, but he's one for now as well.

"He's got great qualities; he loves working on his game and he wants to get better all the time, and for a young player, that's a fantastic attribute".

It was indeed a great pass, but I'm not sold on Henderson yet. He may one for the future but Liverpool need a consistent impact from the new players now.

Premier League experience was clearly a major reason for the purchase of Henderson, Downing, Adam, Carroll and Enrique, and I'm sure the idea was that they'd go into the team and have an immediate impact from day one.

Adam and Enrique aside, that hasn't really happened yet, but all we can do is hope that these players step-up more often as the season progresses.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. These words sounds like music for me, because it come from a great coach.

  2. In fact, Jordan Henderson had a hand in the first goal too. His run past Saurez took Huth away from Saurez and allowed him space behind the other defender.  I am sure he will be a very good signing for us in the years to come.  Price tag, branding as the next Stevie G & straight into first XI has not helped him. With return of Gerrard, it would be easy to help him into the team and would give him chance to express himself more.

  3. Maybe people will read this post and actually get of Henderson's back. This comes from a coach who has worked with the best and understands football. Young, moved from his hometown club to a club for a lot of cash with high expectations. He needs time to adapt. Centre mid is his best position yet has rarely featured there. A goal and a couple of assists. Puts a shift in and has looked good on a couple of occasions - Man U game for one.

  4. YYe i think his value has gone up to 30million now.

  5. He's going to have to step up now. Mirror is reporting Suarez admitted to using the word Negro but claims it's a cultural misunderstanding.

  6. Stop to put pressure on the guy.

  7. Good work Steve, but do not put undue pressure on Suarez. He'll deliver, not to worry. I am more worried about Lucas, too many handicaps.

  8. You never cease to amaze me with your stupid comments

  9. Hendersons movement off the ball is fantastic, and is hard to fully appreciate watching the match on TV.

  10. Go and watch a Youtube video of him at Sunderland before he played for us and he looks more then potential showed he could pick a pass,cross and shoot playing right and in the middle,played well Gyan and Wellbeck ,you could see why we splashed £16 million on him, pretty certain he has n't lost all those qualities just because he has joined us,just needs time to show his quality and then may be in a couple of years £30 million could be his transfer fee:)

  11. I know that you've been extremely impressed with Adam's contributions so far Jamie, but I haven't been. As far as I'm concerned he's been a major factor to us losing control of matches throughout the season.

    As I said previously, Henderson should be putting pressure on Adam for his place through the middle right now, rather than continuing to be wasted out wide. He moves the ball a lot quicker than Adam, has more pace and drive about him (but less strength or long ball ability) and overall just appears to have the potential to be the better CM for us.

    Henderson was the standout player when I saw him for Sunderland and I maintain high hopes for him (if he ever does get switched to play through the middle full time). Likewise, Carroll was a beast for Newcastle against us and so I just have to hope that when he gets his head right he'll start to deliver those kinds of performances for us more consistently too. In comparison Downing never did anything before joining us to suggest to me that he was anything other than a just above average winger, so my hopes for him are based on blind faith... :-(

  12. Henderson will come good for LFC.

    With Gerrard getting older and constantly injured Liverpool needs someone to step in and take key position in midfield.

    Henderson could do that.

  13. Eh? I'm just linking to an article?