16 Sept 2011

REVEALED: Kenny Dalglish outlines his ROTATION policy at Liverpool FC...

Rotation: a concept that has caused massive frustration for players and fans alike over the years, but what can Liverpool fans expect under Kenny Dalglish when it comes to the inevitable rotation of players?

In his weekly press conference yesterday, Dalglish revealed his thoughts on how he handles rotation at Anfield, and how he makes decisions about who plays each week:

"If you look back I think I did it [Rotation] when I was here [During his first spell in charge], and I never heard anybody object to that. It was only when someone told them there was going to be rotation that there was objections.

"I think football fans, who are the only people we care about anyway, I think they fully understand it. They want to see us play the best we possibly can, and they want to see us get the most positive results we can.

"I think they understand better than most that it’s not going to be the same team week in week out".

On the issue of deciding who plays on weekly basis:

"You make your decisions by judging what you see. We don’t have a team, we have a squad.

"Strength of squad is important, and we have a very good strong squad, so it’s logical that there are going to be some different faces every week, but not just for the sake of doing it, but for the benefit of the football club.

"There’s nobody dropped, it’s just a fact of life there are going to be changes. There won’t be changes made for changes sake".

So - rotation is a 'fact of life' at Liverpool, which is pretty much par for the course these days, but looking back, I don't think KD really employed a significant rotation policy between 1985 and 1991...?

When Steven Gerrard returns, the likes of Jordan Henderson and Charlie Adam are probably going to find that out. Let's hope King Kenny is able to keep them happy.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Sorry Kenny we may have a strong midfield squad, a mildly strong forward squad  but most definitely not a strong defensive squad. Skirtl playing in Johnson or Kellys position. If Carra or Enrique get injured we are screwed. Aurelio is still injured and Coates has yet to play.

  2. Looking back? I doubt you were old enough to write aspiringly pretentious yet shockingly bad poetry let alone recall the exploits of Kenny Dalglish. Go be a Manc fan Kanwar.

  3. There wasn't a lot of change in the key positions (but then there never is, even with rotation advocates like Rafa) during Kenny's first spell. There was a lot of change around the fringes however. Venison, Ablett, Nicol, Burrows and Staunton battled for the full-back roles either side of Jocky and Gillespie and Houghton, Spackman, Mc Donald and Molby were in contention for the midfield alongside regulars Barnesy, Mc Mahon and Whelan. There was even a lovely headache up top with Aldo and Rushie to choose from. Plus ca change...

  4. When asked by a journo for his line up. Shanks said 'same as last season'

  5. Id say Jordan and Charlie are in heaven right now and fully understand that they may not be played week in week out.

    Bring on Spurs!!