16 Sept 2011

DAILY POLL: Why has Dani Pacheco failed to make the grade at Liverpool?

After arriving from Barcelona with such immense potential, Dani Pacheco has managed only 14 appearances for the first team in 4 years at Liverpool. This season, he's been loaned out to Ateletico Madrid, who in turn have farmed him out to Rayo Vallenco. What's the problem with Pacheco, and why has he not progressed at a quicker pace?

In a recent interview, Pacheco gave his views on why things have not gone positively for him at Liverpool:

"I did not get tired of Liverpool and I hope I have not ended my time there because it is a good competition.

"But with Rafa Benitez's departure I felt my progress has been held back and I wanted to go somewhere I was at ease and could show my strengths.

"There were no opportunities and that is why I have had to leave. I want to progress to do that. I needed to change".

Will Pacheco progress?

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Expecting a youngster to be appraised after so few games given him is completely unrealistic. If a youngster is to be coached then that coaching should extend to him being given suitable airings with the 1st team when available. I also include run-outs in games that are "watertight" and not simply lesser competitions.
    Pacheco has , indeed , the talent and sadly LFC has failed so far to nurture it properly. I doubt that we will see him return from his homeland at any time in the future except to be a member of an opposition.

  2. I agree - having seen him play in the flesh a couple of times, I think he definitely has the talent; it's a shame he may have to realise it elsewhere.

  3. I never felt impressed by Pacheco's skills, especially under a physycal point of view. He's not strong enough to fit in the EPL's football. Meanwhile, there's a reason if Atletico Madrid loaned out him to a smaller CLub like Rayo Vallecano.
    He's a good player, but He's not definitely a great player and He will never be a Player Who meet Liverpool's standards.

  4. None of his managers have given him much of a chance at the highest level, not just the 3 at Liverpool, but when he was at Norwich last season, he came on as sub and maybe started a game, but after that brightish start, he didnt figure much, if at all for the remainder of the season & with Norwich showing no interest in picking him on loan for this season, clearly Paul Lambert doesnt think much of him either. Maybe he just isnt good enough. 

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  7. So he's not strong enough to fit in EPLs football... so technically, players like Torres (version 1), Silva, Mata, Aguero etc. shouldn't fit like 'hand-in-glove' in the EPL's style of play!!! Oh wait a minute..... but they do!!! They have technique... they don't bring in a brutal style of play.. more like poetry in motion.. and that's why they are succesful.... N don't tell me Pacheco doesn't have the technique... all that he needs is a manager to put faith in his style n to let him grow! Oh, n dont pass statements like 'He will never be a Player Who meet Liverpool's standards.'... it's not like we are Barcelona or some club at the top of the world...when we do that then say all that!

  8. He is a good player that did not get the chance to impress and play with other world class players at Liverpool. I think that had he been given a regular chance at Liverpool we would have seen his class because he does have the talent. Look at Lucas for example , he was given a chance to play first team football again and again even though at the time in my opinion was not good enough to wear the Liverpool shirt. But was he not impressive last season? This season Henderson has been playing regular. My opinion he is not good enough yet but he is playing regular first team football.

  9. Torres (version 1) and Aguero are both very strong...

  10. Pacheco looked very  capable at Youth Level, both here and for Spain (I think he was voted player of the tournament at the Euro U19 in 2010).  But so far he has not shown that ability at Senior level.  

    In the meantime, he has failed to break into the first team of Rayo Vallecano and only featured a grand total of 200 minutes off the bench in 12 games.  There are other youngsters his age (Lass Bangoura, Pedro Bothelo) who are played ahead of him in advanced midfield positions and are producing goals and assists for Rayo Vallecano.   All the facts seem to point toward Pacheco either not being ready, or simply not being good enough for Senior level football, here or in Spain.  

  11. Are you saying that Carroll meets Liverpool standards. So don't give Pacheco a chance and give Carroll more opportunities than he deserves. Oh ya Carroll is just "flourishing" in the EPL with his physicality.  

  12. he needs the same faith that Kenny puts in Carroll...he is a much sharper player than Carroll will ever be. 

  13. Pacheco has never looks capable at the senior level.
    i understand when one manager doesnt give a player a chance and someone else brings the best out of them but he is never given a chance because clearly he is not good enough.
    unfortunately some players show all the talent but just cant bring it out when they need to.