16 Sept 2011

A dig at the media or former players? What did King Kenny mean by this...?

In his weekly press conference on Thursday, Kenny Dalglish seemed to have a sly dig at someone with one particular comment, but it's not immediately evident at whom his comment was addressed. What do you think?

Dalglish was fielding questions about Liverpool's rotation policy when he stated the following:

"There’s nobody dropped, it’s just a fact of life there are going to be changes. There won’t be changes made for changes sake. The players come to grips with it easier, perhaps easier than some others who depend on football for a living".

Who is Dalglish talking about here? The obvious answer would seem to be the media, with the implication being that football journalists make a mountain out of a molehill when it comes to the issue of rotation.

This, of course, is true. For example, Rafa Benitez was constantly barracked by the media for his rotation policy, which at one point saw Liverpool go 93 games without keeping the same team.

There's also the possibility that Dalglish could be referring to recently-departed players, who may not have been happy to be part of an inevitable rotation system.

Either way, it was delivered with Dalglish's typically understated style, to the extent that it slipped completely under the radar.

Nice one!

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. I worry about you.

  2. the fact that king kenny says these lines without us even noticing at first glance, is how smart and sharp the man is.

  3. King Kenny is already starting to crack up and yet he's only been in the job for 9 months ....

    Blaming refs ...and saying " am going to cry to the owners ".....

    Just do your job if your good enough but obviously you ain't

  4. i am sure it's your head that starts cracking up.....

  5. mind games mali341, mind games

  6. Obviously the press mate! Remember how they hounded Rafa for his belief in the need to make changes to keep players fresh for the games later in the season?

  7. King Kenny is just class personified when he faces questions from the Press. Comparing his comments on recent football events or coming up fixtures to that of say Roy Hodgson, when he was in charge of Liverpool, is like comparing a Chess grandmaster to a rookie player who still doesn't know the rules of chess. Dalglish has a natural ability to cut through the crap and get straight to the heart of the matter whilst always defending the good name and reputation of LFC. As opposed to Hodgson who was a complete and utter idiot when it came to Press conferences. I used to shake my head in disbelief when he became the mouthpiece for LFC, not just in amazement for anger that such an idiot came to hold such a prestigious position.

  8. Hi Jamie,
    where can I post in reply to your daily poll about Pancheco?
    I mean it s pretty laughable to call a young lad who played handful of games failed player.....
    just look at wellbeck in manchester United, for few seasons he looked totally out of contention in Man U squad  and then few loans to lesser clubs ,  he is now back in first team in front of players who cost club nearly 20 million.
     I really sometimes question what you real motives are with some of your pretty bias articles and now this polls.
    please before you reply something like "if you donot like it go somewhere else" or simply blocking me, answer the question. I have tried my best not to be insultative or abusive.  

  9. In that case, Auld Whisky Nose and Arsene Whinger have been cracking up for years !!! bout time they both retired and let KK do his stuff... which WILL happen sooner or later :) YNWA