13 Sept 2011

DIRK KUYT: A "Champion of winning nothing"...but for how long?

Dirk Kuyt has been a steady and dependable player for Liverpool over the last 5 years but unfortunately for him, the club has drawn a blank in the trophy department during that time. This is clearly frustrating for the Dutchman, as his latest comments on the issue show.

In comparison to other high-profile Dutch players, Kuyt is a pauper when it comes to winning trophies, with his only winner's medal coming from a KNVB Cup victory with Feyenoord in 2003.

In what was probably a tongue-in-cheek throwaway comment, Kuyt recently revealed his frustration with that fact:

“They [Kuyt's Holland teammates] have enormous honours’ lists while I am the champion of winning nothing when it comes to trophies".

Kuyt clearly has trophy-envy, and at 31 years of ages, who can blame him?

As a footballer, I've never been Kuyt's biggest fan, but his professionalism, dedication, team ethic, and commitment to the cause are beyond dispute, and there's no denying that he has regularly popped up with important goals for Liverpool over the years.

Additionally, Kuyt is (and always has been) a great ambassador for Liverpool FC, and a valuable role model for impressionable football-loving kids.

If anyone in the current Liverpool squad deserves a trophy, it's Kuyt, and hopefully this will become a reality very soon under Kenny Dalglish.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Indeed. One of the reasons I personally wish to see us winning important stuff soon is to see players like this receive their well-deserved awards for being loyal to the club.

  2. Agreed.  It would be a shame if Kuyt left Liverpool with nothing to show for his efforts.

  3. What league do most of his Holland team mates play in.  Just asking like.

  4.  As a footballer, I've never been Kuyt's biggest fan. but his professionalism, dedication, team ethic,
    and commitment to the cause are beyond dispute, and there's no denying
    that he has regularly popped up with important goals for Liverpool over
    the years.. right, aand that is why he is currently at liverpool and the others that went out on loan or sale are not! your words, not mine!

  5. Dirk is an honest pro rather than a superstar. He has played and scored in a CL Final. I think he should be grateful for his lot in life

  6. When has Kuyt had to fight for and earn his place at Liverpool?? Of course, he's content with being a limited player that is held up as a superstar at a supposedly top club! The rumours of discontent started coming out as soon as he was dropped for his country, and we've never seen him dropped for any stretch of games for us so can't say that he'd react better to being a fringe player for his club.

    @ Jamie, last week you made the leap that it was no coincidence that Johnson's arrival coincided with our downfall. I can just as easily bring up the number of trophies won in the years preceding the arrival of Mr. Big Game Player. And this comes from him playing in a far better team than the likes of Cisse played in.

    Anyway, players that 'deserve' trophies are those quality players like Le Tissier who was unfortunate to not have played in a team capable of challenging for anything. Kuyt on the other hand is fortunate to have had the opportunities that he has had on the big stage - such limited players rarely do manage to hold the sort of status that he has for so long!

  7. More like it would be a shame if Liverpool ended up with nothing to show for all the commitment that has been shown to Kuyt!

  8. Lots of clubs have 'loyal' players that just weren't good enough to lead their clubs to glory. It's talented players that can't overcome the failings of their teammates that are more deserving of awards, not the limited players that have just been 'loyal' to their clubs

  9. As a LFC fan, Kuyt is a player i admire for his work rate and dedication. It's frustrating to see such a fine player with no trophies.
    However i fear his wait, would continue as KD have a penchant of buying and playing overated British players and selling some of our finest players for a song.
    Games against Sunderland and Stoke are proves of this.

  10. As a Feyenoord-fan I have to say: it is even worse: Dirk won his only Trophee as a player of FC Utrecht against Feyenoord in the Dutch Cup Final....

    Leo Platvoet