13 Sept 2011

DAILY POLL: Is it time for Jamie Carragher to step aside at Liverpool FC?

Jamie Carragher's form seems to be a concern for Liverpool fans at the moment, and questions are being asked over his place in the team. Should he still be an automatic starter, or has the time come for Carra to step back and spend more time on the bench?

Carragher is 33, which is young compared to other legendary Liverpool defenders like Sami Hyypia and Alan Hansen, both of whom were still playing for the club - and doing an outstanding job - at the age of 36.

I personally don't think Liverpool have found Carra's replacement yet. Daniel Agger is too injury prone; Martin Skrtel is not in the same class, and no one knows how Sebastien Coates is going to perform in the Premier League.

Carragher is the only constant in defence at the moment: strong, reliable, a bona-fide leader, and always a top performer on the pitch despite the mistakes he's made recently.

Anyway - what do you think?

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Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Even though he does make mistakes lately, his leadership is essential for the stability of the back four. Guess that cancels out the mistakes to some degree.

  2. Jamie is a legend already. But hes 33 years old and the premier league isnt going to slow down for us. The facts are there - he was (unfortunately) at fault for the pen at stoke and the bolton goal. As liverpool fans we can't point the finger solely at carra, and to be fair- we've only conceeded 3 goals this season. only stoke and newcastle have done better in terms of defence. but carra isnt going to play forever, he was responsible for 2 out of the goals we have conceeded this season, and we already have his replacement on the bench in coates - a young, established, international centre back. hes taller, quicker and hes composed on the ball. Jamie has served us well no doubt, but every player has to step aside one day. it would seem kenny realises this too, Coates was on the bench and no doubt cant wait to get his chance.

  3. I said that we should've started blooding in/testing out the more talented kids last season, as soon as it became clear that we weren't getting back into the Champions League and it became such a low risk-high reward decision - and that would've included giving Kelly games at centreback when he was fit.

    As it is, we instead decided to groom the likes of Spearing, Shelvey, Robinson, Flanagan & Ngog rather than Coady, Pacheco, Suso, Ince, Mavinga & Ngoo, and we still don't know how Kelly will operate as a centreback.

    Eitherways, Carragher has to be phased out sooner rather than later. He doesn't have the size and power to consistently outplay the modern big man, the pace or agility to consistently deal with pace and movement or the technical ability to deal with pressure on the ball. I've consistently said that I wanted Skrtel sold asap so obviously I have no faith in him either, and it's going to be very risky to just throw Coates or Kelly straight in so unfortunately we're caught in a pretty tough situation here imo

  4. Calamity carragher is a liability and has been for the last 3years..Jamie why don't you do stats on defenders who have scored most own goals and conceded penalties in the premier league....i bet u carragher will be a comfortable winner.....beating even titus bramble.

  5. Futureelectricsltd4:10 pm, September 13, 2011

    that might be because he plays most games and never gets injured,
    or will play with an injury not like agger, skyrtel, johnson.
    3 years a liability you are talking rubbish or are you saying he got
    benitez the sack. i will remind you in a couple of months.

  6. The year we ended second, Carra's contribution of no goals and two own goals that season could have been the difference. Going forward, converting from free kicks, corners and set pieces were never his strengths. Most of our opponents like Rio, Vidic, Terry, Alex and others have scored vital point earning goals regularly. This is not to say Carra was always useless. When we needed to defend in Istanbul there could have been few better than him but he also highlights why we fail to break down lesser teams. If he really loves the club more than his own ego, he should walk away gracefully from starting elevens instead of being benched per force.

  7. He's openly came out and said on numerous occassions that he'd rather leave the club than be a bench player. Totally different reaction to a fan fave saying that and somebody like Babel saying the exact same thing though eh

  8. nar,caras finished what ever way you look at it.get some one new with power and  pace,don't lets get daft and think he will get better , hell only get worse. do you think city would keep him .no they would sell him to hereford for 2 bob.

  9. easy does it with carra,its not a strict case of"yes"or "no"he still has a role to play in the squad for the nxt few seasons anyway,a bit like sami did in his last few years,a great man to have on the bench or in an injury crisis,carra can be just the same..