12 Sept 2011

DAILY POLL: Should Liverpool sell Glen Johnson in January?

In a recent article, I argued that Liverpool should sell Glen Johnson at the earliest opportunity due to what I perceive to be a negative impact on the team since signing. I just can't see how Johnson is important to the team, and I don't think it would make any difference at all if he was sold. What do you think?

Many people seem to disagree on this issue but despite the apparent support for the player, not one person has yet come up with a supportable argument for keeping Johnson, and no one has answered the following questions adequately:

* What specific, measurable positive impact has Johnson had the team?
* How has the defence improved as a result of Johnson being in the team?
* How have results improved with Johnson in the team?

As such, it will be interesting to capture peoples' thoughts on this issue, so please vote in the Poll below.


  1. Can't believe anyone has voted yes. It's a squad game, he's a great player, Kelly's hamstrings haven't steeled yet and Flanno's not quite ready.

    Pointless sensationalism. 

  2. Once again: why is he shuch a 'great player' - what has he contributed to Liverpool since arriving?  How has Johnson made Liverpool a better team?  How has he improved the defence?

    It's all well and good saying he's a great player but if you can't show how he's positively impacted the team, then what's the point in having him?

  3. Where's the option for No, he's the best we've got at the moment?

    Added to that fact is the additional fact after buying him at a premium, we'd then be selling him at a discount (due to the recent injuries) while not even ensuring that we have a readymade replacement in hand. There would be little to nothing to gain in rushing to sell him when the window him up again

  4. Numerous decent performances, too many to literally roll them off one by one. Admittedly he suffered under the Hodgson regime, but I can't think of any (Lucas aside) that didn't. We also have to appreciate that he came to club at arguably it's lowest point ever, and as such I'd like to see him fully fit for a whole season under Kenny. I thought he was tremendous at left back towards the end of last season, not only performance wise but also attitude wise in doing a job for the team when needed. 

  5. He would only be worth selling for a good fee & if we got a replacement in.

    Mereiles selling was understandable considering the number of options in midfield now.

    With Kellys recurring injuries thus far, and Flanagans inexperience, do you really wanna see Skrtel or Carragher playing right back every other week? 

    And thats without even mentioning how important Johnson has been to our attacking play over the past few years. He may not be the best defender in the world, but he has quality , i.e pace, comfortable in possession, experience & an ability to beat a man. 

  6. I think he should be sold, not because he isn't a good player but because he is too injury prone and as an English international he could command a fee far in excess of his worth.

  7. Surely it depends how much is offered for him?

    He's worth holding on to unless we get a decent offer and could buy someone better with the money!

  8. Sell Johnson and buy sergio ramos or Santon

  9. any top team should have a quality right back and johnson is the best in england

    Idiots say yes.

  10. Davewestausregularguest4:49 pm, September 12, 2011

    Yes he is worth something , er ,now let me think ,er , no , nothing comes to mind in that respect ? er,YES it does,that's it ,he's worth as much as we can get for him ---- 'yes that's it !!!

  11. We should keep him, but maybe as a squad player going forward!

    He's not as bad defensively as people suggest, yes our defence has conceeded more since he arrived but you can't singly blame that on him anymore than you can blame it on Carragher or Reina for example (they have both played those games as well!).

  12. Newcastle only just bought Santon. And Ramos is going to leave Madrid to join the rebuilding Liverpool right? He's a severely overrated fullback and would cost megabucks so I don't see where ur coming from with those suggestions...

  13. he has played well under dalglish, so i think we give him a chance, if he does not get his place back, then he will no doubt be sold. He is a liverpool player till january at the earliest so i will be backing him and hoping he turns in some brilliant performances.

  14. measurable??? 3 points instead of 1