12 Sept 2011

History repeating itself for LFC? Check out these weird coincidences...

I was recently looking through the club’s results during Kenny Dalglish’s first year as Manager of Liverpool (1985/86), when I noticed a pattern appearing: Many of the results the club has achieved during (or immediately preceding) Dalglish’s second spell at Anfield are identical to those achieved during 1985-86 season. It seems like history may just be repeating itself (!)

Obviously, it would be amazing if that were somehow true as it would mean Liverpool would destined to end this season as league champions (!).

Alas, that’s probably unlikely to happen. Still, there is definitely an eerie duplication of results taking place, as I illustrate below:

Chelsea 1-0 (03 May 1986 - A)
Chelsea 1-0 (06 Feb 2011 - A)

W. Ham 3-1 (18 Jan/1986 - H)
W. Ham 3-1 (27 Feb 2011 - A)

W. Brom 2-1 (19 Apr 1986 – A)
W. Brom 2-1 (02 Apr 2011 – A

Birmingham 5-0 (26 Apr 1986 – H)
Birmingham 5-0 (23 Apr 2011 – H)

Spurs 2-1 (02 Mar 1986 – A)
Spurs 2-1 (28 Nov 2011 – A)

Spurs 2-0 (03 Dec 1985 – H)
Spurs 2-0 (15 May 2011 – H)

Arsenal 2-0 (14 Dec 1985 - A)
Arsenal 2-0 (20 Aug 2011 - A)

Aston Villa
3-0 (07 Dec 1985 - H)
Aston Villa 3-0 (06 Dec 2010 – H)

In 1985-6, 12 of the teams Liverpool played that season have popped up again since Dalglish returned to Anfield, and on 8 occasions (67%), results have now been duplicated. What are the odds?!

How about this for another coincidence: Liverpool play Brighton in the Carling Cup third round in 10 days; who did the club play in League Cup third round in 1985-86? Yes, you've guess it: Brighton.

Liverpool's next league game is against Spurs. In 1985-86, the club played Spurs 3 times; two of the results are accounted for above, the third game was a 4-1 victory for Liverpool.

Here's hoping history repeats itself yet again and we come away with another 4-1.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Some very poor research here indeed! You  might want to check a few dates.

    1 - Liverpool 1-2 Spurs 28/11/2011.I'm going to presume the year is an error and you meant 2010.
    2 - Liverpool 3-0 Villa 6/12/2010. This will cover the Spurs game from point 1. Roy Hodgeson was still in charge of the team at this time and Kenny did not take over until 01/2011 which is over a month after these 2 wins you have included as  part of this coincidence

  2. Gary - there's no need to be so rude.  If you spot an error then highlight it by all means; don't take it as an opportunity to slate the article in a personal manner.  We've been down this road before - you clearly don't like this site; if you can't leave comments in a fair manner then don't bother at all.

  3. Always poor articles. Don't bother to proof read or check facts. 
    Red top journalism

  4. JK, just wanted to make sure that you know that this is another Gary, and not me.

  5. Referees H. Webb and M. Atkinson are both god refs. And also 100 % anti-Liverpool!They have been hurting LFC tremendously for a very long time by interpreting the rules harshly against LFC, which is unlawful according to the rules of fairness! Yesterday (15 May 2011) Webb did this in the 0-2 defeat to Spurs: 9 minute: goal – possible freekick to LFC?26 min.  : P. Crouch acting, gets a freekick – destroyng a LFC pressure28min.   : LFC contra L Suarez kicked from behind but no freekick no yellow card 29 min.  : Rose clearly commits penalty against Kuyt – not given45 min.  : P. Crouch commits freekick against L. Leiva – results in a chance for Spurs SECOND HALF 46 min.  : S. Pienaar should have been booked for a freekick against D. Kuyt47 min.  : P. Crouch commits freekick but not given – results in a chance to Spurs54 min.  : SCANDAL: Flanagans lawful shoulder tackle gives Spurs a penalty – outside of box!77 min.  : Danish commentator: ” Webb has had many fifty-fifty decisions against Liverpool”83 min.  : D. Kuyt`s acting gets LFC wrong freekick, danish commentator:”you could say LFC                 has had such a freekick in coming”    

  6. Explain to me exactly how saying it was poorly researched is either "rude" or taking "an opportunity to slate the article in a personal manner".

    Your article is poorly researched, thats a FACT because your the information you are giving is wrong. Interesting how you deleted my comment so others can not read it and make up their own mind.

  7. Haha, good observation! (and presented as just that! nothing more) Let's hope...we also recruited a new No.7 who was making a huge impact. 4-1!!! come on! I'm betting on this one (£5)...let the odds do the work. YNWA

  8. It's all about 8 or 9 'same' result, then, if next we beat Spurs 4-1 on their home, then maybe the history will be repeating. YNWA