21 Jul 2009

Liverpool-Kop.com is looking for writers...

Liverpool-Kop.com is looking for writers to contribute articles to the site. if you're interested, please read on.

The aim of the site is to:

* Take a critical, analytical view of all matters relating to Liverpool FC (and the culture of football in general).

* Defend 'old school' club values, the Shankly philosophy and the 'Liverpool way' of doing things.

* Where possible, use statistics and factual information to ensure accurate info about LFC is disseminated.

It’s important to offer people a different perspective to the same old stuff being spouted every day, which is why the site remains popular, despite the best efforts of its detractors.

Writer profiles

* Writers can be from anywhere in the world. Liverpool’s worldwide fan base is the lifeblood of the club, so writers from outside the UK are welcome.

* Submit as many or as few articles as you wish. Quality over quantity preferred. No deadlines, no pressure. Just submit whenever you feel like it.

* I;m looking for people with an individual perspective on the club.

* Write about anything you want, including non-LFC issues.

* Contributors must have a good command of English.


* Have your work read by hundreds of thousands of people every week.

* Name credit for everything you write.

So - if you want to be part of a niche project then I would love to hear from you!

All the best,

Jaimie Kanwar
or contact me HERE


  1. It is very pleasing to hear of your approach and I will bookmark this site and visit it regularly. I am already a blog writer and music historian..so writing about the club I have loved and followed since 1962 is an option worth considering. If you would be interested in a submission please reply. I can write under this pseudonym or under my real name. I live in Spain and being retired have plenty of time to read , research and critically assess

  2. Hi Casey,

    Thanks for responding.  if you could kindly email me at editor@liverpool-kop.com we can take it from there.



  3. Any one can set up a blog for free and have it indexed by NewsNow etc.

    There's nothing special about having articles in Liverpool Kop.

    I would be willing to bet serious money that you DON'T have hundreds of subscribers. Why not put your feedburner button on the site and PROVE it.