27 Jul 2009

Live hand grenade found outside Liverpool FC legend's home

Police have discovered a live hand-grenade outside the home of Liverpool legend Kenny Dalglish.

According to a report in the Liverpool Echo, Police were alerted to the presence of two men 'acting suspiciously' on Selworthy Road, Birkdale, at around 10.15pm last night.

The two men in question were duly arrested nearby and upon searching the scene, the police found the live grenade on top of a garden wall outside Dalglish's home.

A spokeswoman for Merseyside Police shed further light on the situation: "During a further search of the area, officers found an explosive device. The army's bomb disposal team were called and the area cordoned off for the public's safety.

"The device was removed and made safe and is currently undergoing forensic examination. Selworthy Road remains cordoned off at its junction with Sandringham Road and high-visibility patrols have been stepped up in the area to reassure the public".


  1. Old purple nose and fat sam up to there old tricks again, by attacking another anfield legend.

  2. So Jaimie,

    Genuine Liverpool Fans should boycott SOS over one stupid mistake that they released a press statement to apologise for....hmmm so would you like to be still ripped off by airlines(if you did travel from abroad) due to the ticketing arrangement the club had in place or for the club to totally screw over loyalty of fans by removing all the loyalty from the PTS until the SOS got feedback from supporters and the club changed its tune.

    People need to boycott your site cause you are becoming a laughing stock like another crowd on the Internet. The SOS have done a lot, who would have put pressure on the owners up to this point.

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