21 Jul 2009

Ian Rush and Diego Maradona in the same team!? It almost happened...

In the mid 1980s, Ian Rush became tantalisingly close to forming a mouth-watering strike partnership with Diego Maradona. Sounds like fiction (!), but it's actually 100% fact.

After scoring 108 goals in 174 games for Liverpool, winning three league championships in a row and lifting the European Cup in Rome, Rush was tempted to leave his beloved Anfield for Napoli in 1984.

In an exclusive interview with LFChistory.net, Rush outlined the circumstances:

"Napoli offered me one million pounds, which was a lot of money and I wanted to speak to them just before the deadline. John Smith, the Liverpool chairman refused to do that. I was a bit disappointed I wasn't allowed to speak to them. That's all under the bridge now and John Smith later on was on my testimonial committee".

As we all know, Napoli signed Maradona, but their original intention was to sign both players. It would have been a fantastic partnership, but Rush revealed he has no regrets:

"Yeah, it [playing with Maradona] would have been nice, but it doesn't get much better than Kenny Dalglish".

Of course, he is 100% right. However, if Rushie had gone to Napoli, perhaps he could've persuaded Maradona to come to Anfield! Now that would have been something to behold...

Quotes courtesy of LFChistory.net.


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