8 Jul 2009

VIDEO: Mathieu Valbuena - A potential replacement for Xabi Alonso?

Reports in France suggest that Liverpool are keeping tabs on Marseille midfielder Mathieu Valbuena as a potential replacement for Xabi Alonso, should the Spaniard leave this summer.

So - what does Rafael Benitez see in the player? Take a look at the following footage and decide for yourself...

I'm not quite sure how he would be a replacement for either Alonso or Javier Mascherano, but he seems to be quite skillful.


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  1. Good player.....always caught my eye.... however he seems to like to drift to the right... so i see him more as analternative to bennayoun or a more creative kuyt. Only way i'd let go of masch is fo barca to give us toure plus at least 10 -15mill. As to reports linking us to cambiasso.. omg what a let down that would be!... let hope not

  2. lightweight and predictable. Will be made look 'just OK' in the prem where defenders will not fall easily for the repeated 'stop and reverse.'

  3. Why are we looking at replacements or Alonso, he's not going anywhere?

  4. Looks like quite a skillful player and very comfortable on the ball. Excellent dribbling. But can't seem to pass or cross with an accuracy. Can't replace Alonso by any imagination, and not as effective as Mascherano. Benny is more creative and Kuyt, though at times aimless, contributes so much more. So would rather keep the team we have now. Nice alternative .... but .... nah!

  5. Great skill on the lad to be fair, but the clip show few goals or end product. and would never a replacement for either Monster or Xabi.

  6. Not a great replacment.

    he does far to much with the ball.
    hes too skaty.

    If we need to replace we need someone who makes the ball do the work, letting the forwards/wingers do all the running into spaces.

    someone like cesc would be perfect but will never happen haha!