7 Jul 2009

VIDEO: Unique, long-lost footage of Liverpool FC in action!

This unique footage of Liverpool playing Newcastle and Everton in 1901 and 1902 is from the Mitchell & Kenyon Collection courtesy of the British Film Institute.

For around seventy years, 800 rolls of early nitrate film sat in sealed barrels in the basement of a shop. Now miraculously rediscovered and restored, the Mitchell Kenyon Collection is an amazing visual record of everyday life in Britain at the beginning of the twentieth century. It is the most exciting film discovery of recent times and promises to radically transform British film history.

This is the earliest footage in existence of a Merseyside derby. The game took place on 27th September 1902 at Goodison Park. Everton beat Liverpool 3-1 with Sam Raybould scoring Liverpool's only goal from the penalty spot.


This was Liverpool's fourth game of the season and second away defeat. Liverpool won the championship in 1901, but this season ended up in 5th place, but amazingly relegated the following season.

What completed these rollercoaster years were two championship wins in the 2nd and 1st division in 1905 and 1906. In Liverpool's team this day were four Liverpool legends: Alex Raisbeck, Arthur Goddard, Sam Raybould and Jack Cox.

1 Bill Perkins
2 John Glover
3 Billy Dunlop
4 Maurice Parry
5 Alex Raisbeck
6 William Goldie
7 Arthur Goddard
8 George Livingstone
9 Sam Raybould
10 Richard Morris
11 Jack Cox

Footage analysed:

0.36 - Goalkeeper William Perkins in his penalty area and then takes a goalkick.
0.52 - Everton score!
1.33 - The referee in action.
2.05 - Everton score their third goal

Liverpool had celebrated winning the championship for the first time in the club's 9 year history the previous April. Leading up to this game the Reds seemed to be hitting form after an indifferent start to the season where they won only 1 out of their 9 opening games, drawing 5. Liverpool had won two games in a row, Manchester City 3-2 and Wolves 4-1 when they took the stage at St James' Park.

1 Bill Perkins
2 John Glover
3 Billy Dunlop
4 George Fleming
5 Alex Raisbeck
6 William Goldie
7 Jack Cox
8 Charles Satterthwaite
9 Sam Raybould
10 Andy McGuigan
11 Tom Robertson

Footage analyzed:

0:40 - LFC's first superstar and skipper Alex Raisbeck gives the ball to the referee.
0:58 - Second half kick-off. The ref tries his best to stay away from the ball
1.10 - LFC shown attacking the Newcastle goal in the second half

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