23 Apr 2009

VIDEO: Jakub Blaszczykowski - good enough for Liverpool FC?

Liverpool have recently been linked with Borussia Dortmund winger Jakub Blaszczykowski. Is he the solution to the club's right wing problem? Take a look at the video footage of him in action and decide for yourself.

I have to say, I'm not entirely convinced.


1. Dedicated winger
2. Seems to have decent pace
3. Looks like he's a dribbler - something LFC have been missing for years
4. Comparatively cheap


1. Barely scores any goals. Club stats for the last 4 years: 92 games/5 goals
2. Barely creates any goals. Club stats for the last 2 years: 46 games/8 assists

Liverpool need to get out of the habit of buying cut-price 'creative' players and start focusing on buying genuine world-class creative talent.

I have a feeling that Blaszczykowski would just end up like Yossi Benayoun, Jermaine Pennant and Ryan Babel - a bit part player.


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  1. There is actually nothing wrong if he ends up like Yossi Benayoun as he, in my opinion, is one of the best in Liverpool.

  2. I agree with Yossi being a good player - but he is not played enough. He's good enough to be a regular starter in the team. If we're going to buy a right winger, he should a starter who is almosy always going to play.

  3. guyz...well, in my opinion, his role is juz going to be to supply the ball..
    if liverpool gets kuba,
    kuyt can then partner with torres and both of em will get the goals..
    same like wat riera been doing..he juz need to supply the ball and the others will get the goals..
    agree anyone?

  4. Absolutley not.

  5. we just like qualint not quantity
    if he is better that yossi bring him but if is not .............. pliz dont

  6. I'm not convinced either

  7. he is quality and worth it, not even saying it cause im polish. hes only 23 also. could be a long-term player also.

  8. Falls over alot, looking for a foul not the sort of player I'd like to see. Average crossing playmaking ability. Average in general. Maybe Rafa could something from him but I think he would be a bench warmer like Babel but not as good.

  9. Let me get this straight, your stance on the signing of Jakub Blaszczykowski of "not entirely convinced" is clarified by watching a youtube video and looking at his career stats?


    I only hope our scouting network is more thorough than that!

    If you do not understand a topic, a subject, do not give your opinion on it. It is as simple as that.

  10. Er, no. My opinion is formed from various sources, of which videos like the above are merely one.