24 Apr 2009

VIDEO: Liverpool 4 - 4 Arsenal. Relive the excitement of this fantastic game!

The 4-4 draw with Arsenal was admittedly a hammer blow for Liverpool's title chances...but who cares when the game was so exciting! Certainly not me. I'd rather watch that kind of game every week and never win anything that play negatively and win the league every year.

Yes, that sounds ridiculous but it's how I really feel. During the Roy Evans era I was an extremely happy Liverpool fan because the team was arguably the most exciting in the country. We didn't win much but when it came to sheer exciting attacking football, Liverpool - with the likes of Robbie Fowler, Steve McManaman, Stan Collymore and old heads like Ian Rush and John Barnes - were a joy to watch.

Last night's game reminded me of classic Liverpool games from the past - it will definitely be remembered as a Premiership classic. Enjoy!

The game was almost on a par with this game from 1996:

I was lucky enough to be at that game (and the 4-3 the following year), and I've never been more excited as a Liverpool fan than when Collymore scored that final goal.

What made it even better was the brilliance of John Barnes - only Barnesy would have been able to spot Collymore steaming in from the left and then under immense pressure from all sides, play the perfect ball into his path.

Great games!


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  1. Kevin Keegan's reaction after that 4th goal went in is a classic!

  2. My god! The defending was...shocking...for the first goal especially. Watch Aurelio lose interest when Mascherano dithers. And then watch Mascherano dither. Yeeugh!

  3. Hey Aiyic - completely agree - the defending was atrocious. very unlike Mascherano to get caught like that.

    Got to say though, Arbeloa's pass to Arshavin for the third goal was thing of beauty! Perfectly cushioned; perfect pace and just the right height.

    John Barnes would struggle to make a better pass ;-)

    Almost as good as Steven Gerrard's inch perfect pass to Thierry Henry in the 2002 World Cup ;-D

  4. When will you give Benitez some credit then? Come on, he is due one from you. =P

  5. I would rather win the league... 19 years... lets not forget that...