3 Mar 2017

Not Again: Klopp confirms 15th injury for 'fantastic' £30m Liverpool star; he'll miss Arsenal

When it rains, it pours. With Liverpool in the midst of a horrible period of form, Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has confirmed yet another injury to one of the club's key players.

Daniel Sturridge missed training yet again on Thursday, and according to Jurgen Klopp, it's no longer a virus that's keeping him out. In his pre-match press conference today, Klopp told reporters:

“Daniel was really, really ill, but now he has a strain in his hip muscle. It happened in the rehab session [and] it keeps him out of normal training for probably another week".

Klopp almost got away with hiding this injury (he failed to mention it when asked about injuries earlier in his press conference) but in the last seconds of his press conference, someone specifically asked about Sturridge, which left him no choice but to reveal the truth.

Klopp claims that Sturridge suffered his injury 'during rehab' (how ironic), but I suspect that he sustained the injury much earlier than that, with the virus story being used to mask the reality.

This is Sturridge's 15th injury since signing for Liverpool, and in that time, he's spent over 450 days on the sidelines, and missed 82 games in the process.

Things are never going to change, and although I'm a massive fan of Sturridge, the time has come to cut him loose, and let some other team deal with his endless injury problems.

Ability is not in question - when fully fit, and playing regularly, Sturridge is one Europe's best strikers, but unfortunately, he cannot be relied on, and that's the biggest issue. In the words of Private Hudson:

^ Sturridge: £30m-rated. Dec 2016: Hailed as 'fantastic' by Lee Dixon.

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