3 Feb 2017

Redknapp claims: 'Phenomenal' £30m Liverpool star lacks 'quality' and will be sold unless he 'starts playing better'

Is Daniel Sturridge destined to leave Liverpool in the summer?

It's a question that keeps popping up this season, and ex-Red Jamie Redknapp believes that the end is nigh for the £30m-rated striker.

When asked this week about Sturridge's future, Redknapp insisted that Sturridge has to 'start playing better' or his 'days will be numbered'. He explained:

"I don't see him as being Liverpool's best striking option. You don't get enough game time out of him and when he does play, he doesn't show enough quality. He has done previously, but something isn't quite right with him."

In my view, Sturridge's exit is this summer is inevitable. As a huge fan of striker, it pains me to admit it, but for a variety of reasons (loss of pace; irregular gametime; lack of faith in him from Klopp etc) he simply cannot prosper at Anfield anymore, and he should just bite the bullet and move on.

On a related note: ex-Reds boss Brendan Rodgers stuck the knife into Sturridge this week, and basically suggested that he no longer fits in at LFC. He mused:

"It's about trying to fit into the way your team works. That wasn't easy when I was at Liverpool. We always had to find a way to fit him [Sturridge] in. There's no doubting his goalscoring, but a No. 9 has to give more than that."

Rodgers further noted:

"He has the talent to be one of the best in the world, but Suarez, Neymar, Messi, Ronaldo churn out 50/60 games a season. You have to be available"

When it comes to potential player departures, the question for (as always) is this: will Liverpool miss Sturridge if he leaves this summer? Unfortunately, the answer is clearly no, especially if Klopp brings in another top-class striker. In some ways, Sturridge is symbolic of Liverpool FC itself: a player with a 'phenomenal' goalscoring history (at LFC), but now struggling to recapture past glories.

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