5 Feb 2017

Agent Confirms: 'Unbelievable' goal-machine who loves Klopp can leave for '€70m'. Liverpool transfer possible next summer?

It's (almost) official: One of Liverpool's regular transfer targets could be on the way to the Premier League this summer.

On Wednesday, Jurgen Klopp signing Pierre Emerick Aubameyang admitted:

"I am considering a move away in the summer. I need to see what options there are. A lot of people would like to see me in England".

Now, Aubameyang's agent has confirmed:

"The time has come for him [Aubameyang] to face a new adventure. The adventure in BVB is coming to an end. Dortmund wants at least €60-€70m. I see him joining the Premier League."

In the recent past, Aubameyang has hailed Liverpool as a 'special' club, and last season, he praised his old boss for moulding him into the player he is today:

"I owe him [Klopp] a lot. It was great to work with him and he taught me many things. If I play like this as a striker now, it is because of him."

Given Aubameyang's prior relationship with Klopp, Liverpool surely have to be in the transfer conversation? Liverpool are desperately in need of a new top-class striker, and to secure the best will require a massive transfer outlay. In order to attract a player of Aubameyang's quality, though, Liverpool will need to be in the Champions League, and that is looking increasingly unlikely right now.

I'd have no issue with Liverpool spending '€60-€70m' on the right striker, and Aubameyang fits the bill.

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