5 Feb 2017

Anfield Stunner: Klopp makes shock revelation about 'brilliant' €38m Liverpool star. Self-sabotage?

Jurgen Klopp has confirmed that one of the club's senior players is currently playing with an injury.

In his post-match press conference on Saturday, Klopp admitted that Emre Can 'has a calf issue' which the club is 'still trying' to figure out, and further confirmed:

"It [the injury] lets him [Can] stay on the pitch but it makes him struggle. We could have said ‘stay off for two or three weeks’, but we don’t have a lot of options. We’ve tried to work on this while he is playing".

This is so maddening (!) If Can is injured, then why is he playing? Fielding someone when they're carrying an injury is negligence, and allowing a player to 'play through the pain barrier' is a form of self-sabotage. Klopp even admits that Can's injury is making him 'struggle' on the pitch, yet he still plays him. If that isn't self-sabotage, then what is?!

Klopp's most disingenuous claim, however, is that Can has to play because Liverpool 'don't have a lot of options'. What a load of rubbish. Kevin Stewart - who is *older* than Can - is in the first team squad, and has barely playing this season, he is obviously fresh. Klopp also has Lucas in the squad, a dedicated central midfielder, and even Milner, who can play in midfield (with Moreno covering at left-back).

And then there's Wijnaldum. Despite Can's ongoing injury issue, Klopp decided to play him ahead of the Dutchman against Hull, a decision that - based on Can's poor form this year - makes no sense whatsoever. Can has started 8 games this this year (and come on as a sub in one) and the Reds have failed to win a single game. Klopp has still started him in every game despite the fact he's carrying an injury. The mind boggles.

If a player is injured, and the issue is causing him to 'struggle' on the field, why keep playing him? In Can's case, it's arguably rank favouritism; what other reason is there to keep playing an injured player (who 'struggles' on the field) when there are viable back-up options available?

Klopp has totally blown Liverpool's good work in the first part of the season. The players need to shoulder responsibility, but decisions like this show that he deserves the lion's share of the blame.

^ Can: Recently hailed by James Milner as 'brilliant'. €38m-rated


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