16 Jan 2017

Redknapp raves: 'Sensational' £15m Liverpool flop can score goals like 'Zlatan Ibrahimovic'

Ex-Red Jamie Redknapp has hailed one of Liverpool's ex-players for scoring a stunning goal over the weekend.

In his column for the Daily Mail today, Redknapp raved:

"How sensational was Andy Carroll's flying scissor-volley against Crystal Palace? It was straight out of the Zlatan Ibrahimovic playbook and is a reminder that there is more to Carroll than thumping headers".

Amazing goal indeed, and I have to admit, after his lackluster, technically bereft sojourn at Anfield (where he spent more time falling over than actually scoring goals), it's surprising to see that Carroll is capable of scoring a goal of such a stunning goal.

Amazing finish aside, I still find it incredible (and a little ironic) that Kenny Dalglish - one of LFC's biggest proponents of the 'Liverpool Way' of playing - brought Carroll - the utter antithesis of that approach - to Anfield.

Try as I might, I still can't understand how Dalglish could've legitimately believed that a lolloping, technically bereft lummox of a player like Carroll could take Liverpool forward.

That said, Carroll - who cost West Ham £15m - has clearly come a long way since his time at Anfield, the stark difference is obvious from these two contrasting videos. The first is his wonder-goal against Crystal Palace; the second video is training ground footage from Carroll's time at Liverpool:

 photo ball-horse.gif

What a turnaround!

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