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12 Nov 2016

Moreno Next? 'Outstanding' €18m Liverpool star reveals details of huge positional change

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One of Liverpool's new signings has confirmed that he changed positions early in his career.

In an interview this week with the official Liverpool FC website, Karius^ confirmed that he started out as a 'striker', and outlined how he ended up as a goalkeeper:

"Our goalkeeper didn’t show up once...and I agreed to [cover] him. We played a tournament and I did really well, and when I wanted to return to playing out, the coaches said ‘No, you’re too good in goal so we’re going to keep you there’".

Positional changes are rife under Jurgen Klopp, too:

* Firmino: Mainly a winger at Hoffenheim, but converted into a centre-forward at Liverpool.

* Henderson: An attacking midfielder, who now plays as a holding midfielder under Klopp.

* Coutinho: A number-10, who is played as a wide forward, and most recently, a centre-mid

* Lallana: Converted into a central midfielder this season.

* Milner: An attacking midfielder who is now playing as a left-back for Liverpool.

* Wijnaldum: A left-sided attacking midfielder for Newcastle, who is now playing as a central-mid.

Strangely, though, Alberto Moreno - an obvious choice for a positional change - continues to toil away at left-back, when he's probably better suited to operating as a left-sided attacking midfielder.

^ Karius: €18.5m-rated (CIES Football Observatory). Hailed by Klopp as 'outstanding'


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