13 Nov 2016

Message to Klopp: 'World-class' €57m superstar admits he wants to 'play with' Liverpool attacker

Barcelona poser Neymar just can't shut about Liverpool's Philippe Coutinho.

The Brazilian has twice engaged in indirect tapping-up, and he's at it again this week.

After Brazil's 3-0 victory over Argentina, Neymar told reporters:

"Playing with Coutinho is always a joy. We’ve been mates for years, and each day I think we’re made to play with each other more".

Neymar first engaged in quasi tapping-up last season, when he told ESPN:

"I see many Brazilian players with quality, but one that I like and I think could play here is Coutinho. He has the style of Barcelona."

And last week, the Brazilian made another transparent attempt to turn Coutinho's head:

"Coutinho is a great player, I'd like to play with him at Barça".

During the current international break, I have absolutely no doubt that Neymar is working overtime to convince Coutinho to quit Anfield, and I'd wager that Liverpool's €53m-rated maestro has already decided that he wants to leave.

The exit clock has already started: 7 months and counting until Coutinho signs for Barcelona...

* Neymar: Cost Barca €57m. Described by Cafu as 'world-class'


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