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1 May 2015

Transfer Update: 'Powerful' £22m attacker to be Liverpool's first signing? offer submitted already

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Over the last few years, Liverpool have been linked with lots of Real Madrid players, including Isco, Alvaro Morata, Karim Benzema, and Iker Casillas, and with the summer transfer window fast approaching, the Reds are reportedly tracking yet another Los Blancos star.

According to reports in England and Italy today:

- Liverpool are 'hopeful' of completing a deal to sign Russian winger Denis Cheryshev.

- Rodgers allegedly wants to make Cheryshev his 'first signing of the summer'.

- Liverpool have made an £18m offer, but Madrid apparently insist on a fee of £22m.

- Rodgers is 'ready to meet Madrid's demands'.

Some info about Cheryshev:

* 24-year old left-winger, currently on-loan at Villareal.

* Currently sidelined with a hamstring injury (he should fit right in at Anfield, then!)

* Made only one senior appearance for Madrid before being farmed out on loan.

* This season: 7 goals/11 assists in 40 games for Villareal (Goal/assist every 2.2 games)

* 7 apps for the Russia national team.

* According to Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo: "Cheryshev is powerful, super-fast, and is one of Villareal's most dangerous attackers".

When asked in early-April about whether he'd return to Madrid next season, Cheryshev told Marca:

"Real Madrid haven’t told me anything about coming back yet. The only thing I want to do is play football. Right now I feel very well and after the pre-season tour of Australia, we'll see what will happen"

If Liverpool are genuinely interested, then it looks like Rodgers is lining up potential replacements for Raheem Sterling, which - given the current contract situation - is a prudent approach.

However, Cheryshev's goals/assists ratio is only slightly better than Sterling's, and for £22m, I'd prefer to see the Reds sign a player with a significantly better creative output.

Author: Jaimie K


  1. Also he's been playing as a winger and not a forward and for 22 mil his stats aren't bad, if you want bet goal and assist ratio you'll have to pay more money for it

  2. It is all very well getting a new winger or two BUT who are they going to feed ? So I think we should go for a proven striker first, We already have (forget Sterling) J Ibe, Yesil and a couple of others who can play on the wing.

  3. Yes it's called prioritising we need new winger to play RB a new AM to play Goalkeeper and a new RB to play Striker.

  4. That's true I never thought of that.

  5. Yesil is a striker

  6. This Sounds exactly like rodgers

  7. Yarmolenko is the only eastern-European player I'd like to see at anfield

    However I think we have to focus on signing a striker and a DM first. Add a RB to that and then if we have some more funds (or if sterling leaves us) we can sign another offensive midfielder/winger

  8. I wouldn't pay 5 million for this guy, he will not improve the team, the only winger we should be interested in is Depay, not only because he's a very good player but also just to stick it to the mancs!

  9. Konoplyanka on a free sounds like better business to me.

  10. That's what I was thinking. Rodgers already showed intrest and he is pretty good statistically. He also takes a pretty good shot from outside the box (something this team is missing). And he's free! Can't beleive we would be thinking about this guy.

  11. £18M?! What the heck is Liverpool thinking?

  12. I'd also take Konoplyanka, but that's about it.

  13. I know it may not be BR fault that these stories are coming up, but he or someone from the team should clearly crush these stories if they have no truth to them. Otherwise we should definitely get rid of BR for just thinking of spending that much money on unproven untested player.

  14. One thing that boggles me is FSG is into statistics when it comes to baseball and how they buy their baseball players. One would suspect that they would take this mentality/Culture into Liverpool buying. While that mentality is not proven to succeed in football, it should lead to them pulling the plug on Cheryshev just by looking at his stats.

  15. There is one thing for sure the statistical analysis is only a small part or else Markovic for 1 would not be here.

  16. Another Markovic ?? B R thinks he is outstanding but there again he thinks everybody is

  17. My thoughts exactly.. is it me or LFC can't to bargain hunting < £20m

    Just hope FSG don't waste any money before they find a replacement for BR.. otherwise we're in for a terrible summer and even worse 5 months until Xmas - when the chop can almost certainly be guaranteed (why FSG dont do it in the summer will be a complete mystery to me).

  18. Can anybody offer up any of the stats for the players bought over the summer (both before coming to LFC and after 1 season @ LFC)

    That I believe would be the fairest way to suggest:

    a) have they improved on coming to LFC
    b) were they worth the money spent

  19. 100% agree - as hard as it may be, why can't LFC do their business quietly in the background.

    For example, most businesses (banks, shops, corporates etc) can go about their normal trading day without their secrets splashed over the papers/internet, so what is so different about a football club?

  20. What chances do you guys think I have of being signed by LFC in the current environment, if I put out there a fancy video showing my great scoring and crossing prowess..? I'm sure some scout must think I'm great..?

    PS I can no longer run, let alone cross/shoot the ball ;-)

  21. Then what happens to Depay? We just let another big player associated with us leave and then sign someone clearly less suitable for us?

    If what I think will happen (Cheryshev in Depay let go) I will lose all of the remaining tiny scraps of faith I have in not only Rodgers, but FSG as well.

  22. Hahaha I remember the story last year about Moyes thinking of putting De Gea up front with Kagawa in net.

    Too bad that's what we look like right now though.

  23. We need real production and work rate. Cherychev's stats don't suggest that he is our answer. Depay sounds more like it.

  24. I doubt that Brendan Rodgers will play this guy as a winger when he comes to Liverpool. Rodgers may play him as a wing-backs. Rodgers should buy players who will play their natural positions in his formations. Why put square pegs in round holes? If Brendan wants to play wing-backs, then he should sign wing-backs. Playing players all over the field confuses some players.

  25. He has slightly more goals and assists that Sterling? Give that man 150 000 pounds per week!