1 May 2015

Redknapp warns: 'Unplayable' £27m star is too one-dimensional to succeed at Man United in the 'long-term'

Last season, ex-Red Jamie Redknapp labelled Manchester United star Marouane Fellaini the year's 'biggest waste of money', and admitted he was 'shocked' by David Moyes' decision to spend £27m on the midfielder. Well, this season, Fellaini has upped his game to become one of United's most important players, but Redknapp maintains that the Belgian is too limited to be a 'long-term' success at Old Trafford.

An irritatingly impressive run of post-Christmas results has propelled the Mancs into the top four, but it's all (thankfully) come crashing down, and after two defeats in a row, Redknapp has questioned whether Fellaini still has a meaningful role to play in the team. He explained:

"They [Man Utd] got away with that tactic for a while before Chelsea and Everton nullified him. He [Fellaini] has surprised me, but teams can stop Man United by stopping Fellaini. You need to have more subtlety in your game, and [United] need to have more than one option"

I have the greatest respect for Agent Moyes. He did Liverpool a massive favour last season by flushing £27m of United's money down the toilet. That's £27m that didn't go on a player capable of pushing United into the top four. Bravo, David!

Alas, it's the opposite this season, and Fellaini's form is one of the reasons the Mancs have surged past Liverpool and into the coveted Champions League places. Damn you, Moyes!

I'd compare Moyes' Fellaini transfer with Brendan Rodgers' purchase of Joe Allen.

* Like Allen, Fellaini was something of a comfort transfer for Moyes. He knew him well from Everton, and having Fellaini at the club gave the Scot some immediate, steadfast loyalty in the squad.

* Unfortunately, like Allen, Moyes clearly overpaid for Fellaini, and that came back to haunt him.

* Both players excelled at their former clubs, but struggled to adap to a more pressurised environment, where good performances are required in every single game.

Allen and Fellaini are undoubtedly good players, but they've both ended up at clubs where they just don't fit. In Allen's case, with Liverpool actively seeking new central midfielders, it's hard to see how he has a long-term future at Anfield (as a starter).

As for Fellaini - he's doing better at Man Utd than Allen is at Liverpool. The Belgian - hailed last week as 'unplayable' by Ashley Young - is a strong, combative midfielder, which is something United need, but - unlike Allen - Fellaini is versatile in that he can play further forward, and have an impact.

It'll be interesting to see if Van Gaal scraps his current Fellaini strategy. It's clearly not working at the moment, and if United are to remain in the top four, a fresh approach is needed.

Managers are a stubborn breed, though. Just look at Rodgers, and his pig-headed insistence on playing Gerrard in central midfield, and Balotelli as a lone striker. It's obvious to every fan that it's a failed strategy, yet still he persists, and I suspect Van Gaal will do the same.

Of course, I hope Van Gaal sticks with his current strategy - the more games United lose, the more chance Liverpool have of finishing in the top four.

That said, Rodgers has singularly failed to capitalise on the Manc's last two defeats, so even if Fellaini et al lose against West Brom on Saturday, it's doubtful that Liverpool will benefit.

Author: Jaimie K


  1. I agree on this Rodgers has failed to capitalise he failed by not replacing Suarez with a striker capable or coming something near his ability and scoring goals. The squad never changed other than Suarez and he should have spent the bulk of the transfer received on a top class striker. I love BR but he should have pushed for a goalscorer first and for most but the funds where spread to sparsely on players that have in all honesty failed to give us that dimension lost when Suarez left. In my heart i want Rodgers to stay but my head says Klopp would take us that bit further, granted he has not had the greatest of seasons but he has the ability to make a player a star and make a team a team.

  2. Sorry everyone I really couldn't give a hoot about Man U...

    But as a side issue I've just seen my first ever American Dad! - flippi** hec* how funny is that program - no seriously couldn't anyone have told me about it sooner....?! i watched like three in a row with my jaw on the floor it is sooo clever...old seth mcfarlane's done it again...

    Oh yeah, and don't you think Van Hall looks like he was snorting all kinds before losing consciousness and smashing through the very hard coffee table he was using - he said to the doctors to leave his nose like that so people wouldn't think he was a pu**y....

  3. My heart and head says Rodgers time is up. I still can't get over this , the way this club didn't have the smarts to capitalize on last Season's second finish. Completely wasted all the Suarez funds and then some on a stupid squad building for the future exercise.

  4. I think it actually is his worst season at the club, and he could still finish with a trophy + Europa League... say it all that his worst season could end up with a trophy.

  5. Case in the place4:29 am, May 01, 2015

    Couldn't agree more! and same on American Dad too. Family Guy just edges it slightly for me but it's still a corker.
    Funny how peoples taste differ though, friend of mine can't stand either but won't stop insisting I commit about 50hrs of my life to 'Breaking Bad' - just can't do it, doesn't appeal for some reason. I realise that's probably not a popular opinion because the whole world appears to love it, but not for me, The Sopranos on the other hand...

  6. I like both American dad and family guy but both can be hot and miss. Get past the first four episodes or Breaking bad and you will be watching one of the best things that has ever been on television. It is seriously that good.

  7. Breaking bad is the best sat up all day and night watching it.

  8. The last season is truly incredible. All very good though xx

  9. Breaking Bad is the best series I've ever watched.

    Started watching Better Call Saul now, too.

  10. Watch 'The Shield'. Far superior to Breaking Bad (IMO). My favourite show of all time. Absolutely amazing.

  11. Couldn't possibly be!!