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18 Apr 2015

Yes Please: Rodgers confident of signing 'world-class' £125k-a-week superstar. Bad news for Mignolet?

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Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho recently admitted that Petr Cech could leave at the end of the season, and with Liverpool regularly linked with a move for the 'world-class' goalkeeper, reports today suggest the Reds are considering a new approach to signing Cech.

Since early January, £20m-rated Cech has been an unused substitute in thirteen out of sixteen Chelsea games, which suggests he's clearly surplus to requirements at Stamford Bridge.

Liverpool have been constantly linked this year with a permanent move for Cech, but according to The Mirror:

* Liverpool are now considering a loan deal for the Czech stopper.
* Brendan Rodgers is 'confident' of signing the 32-year-old.
* Liverpool will have to pay a £1m loan fee/£125k-a-week in wages.
* Total deal value = £7.5m.

Cech definitely wants to leave. In March, he told ESPN:

"I don't want another season like this. I'll leave it to the summer [and] when a specific offer comes I will consider it. There are offers one cannot turn down".

Cech is a popular choice amongst Liverpool fans. I recently conducted a poll on the site asking fans to select one goalkeeper out of the seven currently linked with Anfield:

* 55% of participants chose Cech as Liverpool's next goalkeeper.
* Sergio Romero was 2nd-favourite with 11% of the vote.
* Only 3% voted to keep Mignolet as LFC's number 1.

Since the turn of the year, Simon Mignolet has resurrected his flagging Liverpool career with a series of excellent performances, but despite the upturn in form, he still (IMO) needs to be replaced and/or challenged by a top-class goalkeeper.

Can Liverpool get Cech, though? As always, money talks, but after playing second fiddle to Thibaut Courtois, there's almost certainly no chance of sealing the deal unless Rodgers guarantees to make him the club's number-one goalkeeper.

That will inevitably mean relegating Mignolet to squad player status, but as harsh as it may appear, that's what needs to happen. After last year's mixed performances, the Belgian blew it in the first-half of the season, and the club can't risk that happening again next season.

It may all be moot, though, if Liverpool don't finish in the top four. Without Champions League football, there's surely no chance of attracting Cech, or indeed any other top-class player with significant European experience.

If, however, things somehow work out, and Liverpool sign Cech, he could conceivably be the club's number one 'keeper for the next 5-7 years. A good comparison here is Edwin Van Der Sar - he signed for Man United at the age of 35, and remained the club's main goalkeeper for six years.

I'd much rather see Liverpool pay a a huge £100k+ salary to Cech - a proven, world-class performer - than a pretender like Raheem Sterling.



  1. What are our options when loan runs out?

  2. I dunno boys... At the start of this season I would have been all over this move... But now... not so sure... he's been sat on his arse all season...

  3. Liverpool have much more issues than a goal keeper, yes brad Jones is not the solution to put pressure on mignolet to perform but we have issues across first 11 and with the depth in quality in the squad.
    A senior first class injury free option at right back is needed.
    Flanagan will get there but is injured and just come back, Johnson can go and is leaving thank god!
    Left back - Moreno is not that good enough for me to be nailed on a first choice starter, has a lot to do and for would be 2nd choice, Enrique is going or should be - can't rely on his injury record etc.
    Lovren Coates wisdom illori are not good enough and should be sold, so too should Toure - he is just to old now, we would then need another centre back ?
    Strikers - it's clear Sturridge can not be our main man as he is ever fit, for me he now becomes are 2nd choice striker until he can prove otherwise?
    Sterling, If he stays along with origi make up 3 places meaning at very least we need a good sticker Ito the club ASAP
    Midfield - we need Allen as squad player - so too Lucas as new squad player, markovic is not doing it he is another that until he gets of his arse he is squad player at best - lfc need a powerhouse player in the middle and a creative playmaker
    Lambert balotelli and borini can all leave along with aspas , Alberto , we have already got over 5 million from selling Suso and assaidi in jan

  4. Lfc team next season

    Alderweirald Skrtel sakho
    Sterling Ibe
    Henderson can kondogbia

  5. If it's a buy out opportunity, I am all for it. At 33 next May, Cech 'll be world class for at least next 4-5 years. GK of his class like Schmaichel, Van der Saar, Simens, Buffon, Koepka..... had been at their prime till late 30s. We can keep Mignolet as his deputy or can go for one or two young understudy, who 'll replace Cech in 4/5 years time (My dream is Alphonse Areola of France U21 or Timo Horn of German U21).

    However, if it's a 1 years loan without any buy out opportunity (or anytime recall opportunity for dirty Harry (read Jose)) I am not for it. He 'll simply off load his wage burden (& spend that to bring another quality player at that wage) & keep his 2nd GK match fit. Any injury or decline of performance from Courtois, dirty Harry 'll simply snatch him back.

  6. Sterling and Ibe are wasted at WB positions, and that lineup lacks really attacking intent. The wingers will get isolated, and Coutinho and Lacazette can only do so much. If the middies get too anxious to create/attack, they'll get overrun defensively. That's what happened with the 3-*6-1 this year. After the surprise factor wore off, we our shape just caused positioning problems.

  7. He has 1 more year on his Chelsea contract so would be available for free at the end of the loan but with no guarantee he'd come to us

  8. We have bigger fish to fry...reliable striker please.

  9. At the end of the day, Mignolet isn't world class, I will back him up on world class saves, but not permanently being world class,unlike Petr Cech

  10. keeping the topic on LFC squads, we MUST get more contracts signed cos we'll be in trouble if we don't cos Henderson hasn't signed, Skrtel hasn't signed yet I think, Lucas hasn't signed LFC need to get this sorted due to Gerrard's departure to L.A in June

  11. If sterling doesn't sign a new contract I'd offer him to Chelsea for £40 plus cech and salah! Then put the £40m to lacazette,

  12. Good question.

    If Cech will or is likely to sign and stay for a few years great sign him. If not and he might only do a year better look for another option now or go for him but still look for another option to follow.

    No point reverting back to Mig a year on . If he's not good enough now at his age. A year on the sidelines is unlikely to improve him.

  13. Mr. Point Of View9:57 am, April 19, 2015

    JT is solid leader ! So he does help Cech a lot to organize back 4. If Cech come to LIV it no guarantee he can solve our defensive problem ! Another example look at czech republic record. What my point is Cech is a good gk but co-op between back 4 is more important than 1 superstar !

    Of coz as a fans it great to have a icon ! It raise team spirit ! But financial wise i had a bit worry !

    If i was Cech i will go other league. Bcoz he may boring at BPL !

  14. what liverpool need in my opinion is a goaly just finishing his contract on a free transfee wiith years of expeience that can come in and do a good job pushing our goalie and on 60k a week. since xmas our goalie has been in the top 3 in the league and can only improve. wouldnt sawp him for anyone right now. lets stop wasting silly money and concentrate on left back, striker and a centre mid player. Think wisdom has future and toure has another year in his belt

  15. This will run and run I suspect BUT more to the point WHO IS IN CHARHE AT LFC ?? This morning were told Sterling can buy out his contract and sign for a London Club ?? Its time Henry and Rodgers laid into this kid good and proper - stop appeasing him and start attacking him - YOUR JOB IS ON THE LINE B R - WAKE UP

  16. Lucas Leiva ruled out of FA Cup semi-final v Aston Villa with thigh injury. Expected out 1 to 2 weeks.

  17. I agree attacking him - possinbly hospitalising him - would seem to be the best of the options that I can think of.

    If he does not want to play for us after that , then he never will

  18. I distinctly remember the media pulling this one out the locker last season when Rooney was unsure about his Utd future... He didn't come up with it, like Sterling, who probably didn't even think of it, both wi;l be at their rrespective clubs next season...... Nothing to see here, especially nothing to get all excited about.

  19. Cech and Salah ain't worth £39,999,960...... even together....

  20. I want to know how much Chelsea think he's worth exactly... more than £7.5m unlikely....

  21. No thank you.... yesterday shows he has important moment errors in his locker....

  22. My problem with starting SG today is that Villa will remember the last time, when they stuck Agbonlahor on him and completely took him out of the game. With players available, I am hoping BR uses Allen and Hendo as the two holding players, giving SG a free role to join up play with Courtinho and Sterling.

  23. Well not #10, but will no defensive duties. Key to today is to win the midfield battle and not expose our defence to the Villa pace.

  24. Johnson Skrtl Lovren Moreno
    Gerrard-------- Couts-----Sterling

  25. Forgot Skrtl is available and Ibe is cup-tied.

    Only problem with about is will LFC get anything from either of Balotelli/Lambert.

    But choices are limited with Sturridge not fit.

  26. Lambert only played one bad game as far as I can remember. These matches are won by desire- Reading stopped the unstoppables yesterday with it and I can't see anyone with more desire, bar maybe Steven..

  27. He was talking during the season how he regrets not playing there so far and wanting to do it this season..

  28. Do we have official line up?

  29. Liverpool XI: Mignolet, Can, Skrtel, Lovren, Moreno, Allen, Henderson, Gerrard, Markovic, Coutinho, Sterling.

  30. Liverpool subs: Jones, Johnson, Toure, Lambert, Manquillo, Borini, Balotelli.

  31. Steven behind a striker, great! Arsenal, here we come..

  32. Why in God's name would Cech join a side which he knows has absolutely no chance of winning anything at all? Why would he swap a manager who has won everything for a guy who is utterly, totaly and absolutely clueless?

  33. We HAD a better keeper, on less wages, with more years left in him, less than a year ago and Brodge fucked him off to Munich to warm their bench.
    As has been pretty much par for the course since 2004, we keep trading down. This squad of players got shown up for what it is today. A mid-table squad with a mid-table mentality - it's 25 decent players short of being a 'Top 4 Squad' being lead by another manager with a gift for playing players out of position..

  34. Please let the new manager to deal with the new signings in summer.

  35. Thank or blame?

  36. Rafa and Klopp have similar career win percentages, Benitez's is slightly higher, over more competitive leagues and he performs better in cup competitions. Rafa has also developed this new tactical analysis software, which is being taken up around the world, he is genuinely a tactical genius, with a heart for the club and the fact he was so disliked by so many PL managers including Mourinho, gets a big thumbs up from me.

  37. YEH what ever, BR could not even attract Noddy, He is an unknown in the footballing world, Get Rafa back who can attract a better player and let him spend the next millions, And get rid of sterling, Stevie G has not has his head with the club for the last 6months

  38. Please buy Sterling instead, But if you wait you can have him for free as he is going to buy his contract out so he can go to a better team for more money LOL