18 Apr 2015

Future Deal? Skrtel hails 'world-class' £25m Liverpool transfer target and explains why he's so good

On Tuesday, Liverpool legend John Aldridge urged Brendan Rodgers to sign in-form goalscorer Christian Benteke this summer, and with Reds set to face the Belgian powerhouse on Sunday, Martin Skrtel has warned his team-mates to be wary of the striker's talents.

Liverpool were last linked with Benteke in August 2014, and according to Aldo this week:

"Benteke is a danger. On his day, he's a tremendous forward, a 20-goal a season man. I'd be happy if Liverpool got him in the summer [transfer window]".

When asked about Benteke today, Skrtel explained why the striker is so 'difficult to play against'. He told LFC.com:

"He [Benteke] is the type of player you have to expect a battle with because he is big and strong. He is [also] quick so it will be difficult".

Skrtel is clearly relishing the challenge of going up against the big Belgian, and admitted that he 'prefers to play against that type of striker':

"We played against him [Benteke] twice this season and handled him. I'm tall as well and I try to be strong. When we go to the 50/50 challenge we will see who is better in that moment".

It's good to have self-confidence, but hopefully that won't morph into overconfidence during the game. Benteke has scored several goals against Liverpool in the past, and he's more than capable of doing that again on Sunday. Indeed, his recent stats are formidable:

* 8 goals/1 assist in the last 6 games.
* Goal/assist every 57 minutes.

The arrival of Tim Sherwood has clearly reinvigorated Benteke, whose recent form is a stark contrast to Liverpool's misfiring strikers. Balotelli vs. Benteke? Right now, it's no contest.

Skrtel is the glue that holds liverpool's defence together, and after three games out, he will be well-rested and raring to go. Benteke is determined to down Liverpool, though, and in an interview on Thursday, he delivered the following ominous warning:

"The way that we play now is comfortable for me because I’m scoring and I help the team. He [Agbonlahor] helps me destroy the defenders."

If Benteke destroys Skrtel et al, he'll also 'destroy' Liverpool's season. As Skrtel notes, though, Benteke hasn't had a sniff in the two league games this season, so hopefully that will continue on Sunday.



  1. Anyone else happy it will be Arsenal and not Reading in the final?

  2. Skrtel likes the battle.too.much at times and forgets to.do his job properly. He can get too.dragged in to the idea that he has to duel. Hope he keeps his his head.

  3. well he only played in one league game muppets

  4. doesn't change anything for us right now, we still have to face Aston villa before thinking about an eventual final.

  5. Gutted for Reading, sad way to lose, but I don't carewhowe have providing we get there ourselves...

  6. Too many times that arhument about not getting carried away and thinking match by match. Buy I ain't playing, I was counting on final before the replay..

  7. I don't care what Skrtel thinks. And it IS no contest between Balo and Benteke...Benteke is better. But that doesn't mean we should get Benteke. He's just another Andy Carroll fence post like Balo and Lukaku. We need a speedy, quick-releasing, striker with a creative eye for the net. A guy who compliments Coutinho's movement and who can stay healthy...are you listening Daniel? Benteke is not that guy...neither is Balo, nor AC, nor Lukaku, nor Michu, nor is Origi I fear. We're not going to get the established guys we want because they 1. cost too much, 2 want Champion's league football NOW and 3. aren't especially enamored with the thought of living so far way from everything...despite Liverpool's long and deserved reputation as a great city. We need somebody young who's rippng up the lesser leagues like Depay or Vietto...not that La Liga is a lesser league,

  8. Mr. Point Of View10:08 am, April 19, 2015

    Powerhouse fwd may not suit for BR style ! Lambert n Balo is a good example.

    I think player like chicarito is fit for by style. It fit transfer policy. It fit for chicarito revive his career.

    Let ignore he MU player a while. My point is look at the individual only.

    ps: Tom Cleverley playing style also fit for BR criteria !

  9. B Rodgers and the abyzmal Transfer Committee wasted £40M of the £75M L Suarez Sale on M Balotelli, R Lambert and L Markovic.

    When that £40M should have been spent on these three player instead: W Wony or C Benteke, L Remy and J Montero.

    And i am hoping and praying J Allen is nowhere near team, games we need and are must win games he should be nowhere near team. But as he is B Rodgers Love child he will be picked always. And that is just bad management

    C Benteke cannot hurt us if we can cut off his supply line: So these will be the players looking to supply Benteke: Bacuna, Delph, Grealish, Richardson, Agbonglahor and Weimann if he starts or comes on.