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18 Apr 2015

Transfer Update: Inter to sign 'incredible' €12m Liverpool star if £42m deal collapses

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Earlier this season, Inter Milan boss Roberto Mancini confirmed that he is interested in signing Liverpool midfielder Lucas Leiva, and new reports suggest that the Italian giants are still hopeful of sealing a deal this summer.

When asked in December about €12m-rated Lucas, Mancini told reporters:

"[Lucas Leiva] is a great player, but he belongs to Liverpool and it's going to be hard to get him. He would be useful, though, as he can help us, and help our younger players grow."

According to Thursday's Daily Mail:

"Inter Milan are set to turn to Lucas Leiva...if their pursuit of Manchester City pair Stevan Jovetic* and Yaya Toure fails**"

In recent months, Lucas - recently hailed by Rodgers for his 'incredible' attitude - has made clear his frustration at playing a bit role at Liverpool:

* Oct 2014: He warned: “I want to play. I need to find a solution either at Liverpool or at another club. [if] I don’t find space at Liverpool, I should start to make a move".

* Oct 2014: Lucas confirmed that Napoli tried to sign him over the summer: “There was something with Napoli. Benitez always had great faith in me.”

* Nov 2014: He told Radio Marca: "I must think about leaving as there is no room for me at Liverpool. I am looking around, given I am not playing".

* Dec 2014: Lucas's Agent, Henrique Coelho, told reporters: “Is it possible that Lucas could leave Liverpool in January? Yes, naturally. Lucas really likes Rafa Benitez.”

In a recent column for the Liverpool Echo, Reds legend Mark Lawrenson urged Rodgers to keep the midfielder at the club.

"He [Lucas] is solid if unspectacular, but most teams need a player like that, even the top ones. There’s surely no chance Liverpool will let him go".

Liverpool fans regularly call for the club to sign another dedicated defensive midfielder, but given the Brazilian's recent goo form (which coincided with the Reds' surge up the league) should the club abandon that idea and just stick with Lucas next season?

For me, it's non-negotiable: an upgrades is needed, mainly due to Lucas's recent susceptibility to injury. Like Sturridge, he cannot be relied upon to stay fit for long periods of time, and that is an ongoing issue.

Additionally, when all is said and done, this season proves that Liverpool's current set of players is not good enough to mount a sustained challenge for the title and Champions League, which is something that needs to be fixed this summer.

* Cost: £22m
** £20m-rated.

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  1. Don't know if lucas leaves or not, but Charlie Adam just kept us in the hunt for another week. Now if Chelski can beat Manu with Manu getting a couple of 3 game suspending red cards and a, not too serious, season ending injury to Rooney, we might catch them too.

  2. When the team was playing thrilling attacking football last Season finishing second, Lucas couldn't get a game ( neither could Joe Allen ) if he leaves , no big deal. Club needs to sign at least 2 ready quality central midfielders this Summer.

  3. I know Lucas has been more susceptible to injury JK, but I wouldn't say he's been in "goo form".

  4. Well he did have a sticky patch when he first came back

  5. How many bones is that he broke to be in goo form? I don't believe it. Of he said Sturridge though.

  6. one of the best holding players in the league. he should be one of the first names on the sheet with the team we have at the minute. even at his age, and maybe its because hes finally getting over his injuries, his tackling is really improving and he uses the ball really well. contrary to belief, of people who just want to criticise him more than anything, he picks out good forward passes many times and only goes back if he has to. good player, good person.

  7. we need a dm if Lucas goes. The problem is we need it even if he stays and that is why we should sell and rely on the newcomer, Can and Rossiter for that position.

  8. We've had Lucas for a number of years now and we're still a million miles off winning anything, time for a change i hope.

  9. when and against whom we play this round's game?

  10. Look at how many games we win with him in the side. It's not his fault we have been so Far behind.

  11. I don't want to see the back of Lucas, now that we are a side characterized by distinct lack of experience.

  12. I distinctly remember there were a number of sloppy passes.

  13. Anyone seen van Gall Stone post match interview- looked like he was gonna nut the interviewer

  14. We should definitely keep him as a squad player and sign a new defensive mid to start. If Obi Mikel and Flamini still play for Chelsea and Arsenal then Lucas is more than good enough for our bench.

  15. Lucas is a solid faithful servant, should he be sold? No! Do we still need to buy another DM? Yes!

  16. He really played some liquid football against Newcastle though.

  17. Lucas a far better tackle average than those players or anyone else in the premiership.Look at the stats, he does exactly what a DM player should do tackle, breakup play and keep it simple in possession.

  18. Why when we have Can ? who is supposed to be a DM ?

  19. Lucas has been solid since his introduction in the team which coincided with our upturn in form earlier this season. He was a bit shaky against Arsenal after coming back from injury. But his composure on the ball and forward passes go unnoticed but I'd keep him. His injury record is an issue though.

  20. Aston Villa, today?

  21. We need more than Lucas now, we've needed more thank Lucas since the Benitez era. Sentimentality goes out of the window. At best he's a squad player but at this stage of his career he won't be happy with that role. So let him go whilst we can still get a fee! If he's happy on the bench then fine otherwise we need an athletic, stronger, quicker DM.