18 Apr 2015

Ibrahimovic to Anfield? Agent reveals €25m striker's transfer plans; confirms Liverpool is not an option

In what must surely go down as one of the most ridiculous rumours of recent times, Liverpool are currently linked with a summer move for PSG striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The Swede is currently serving a 4-match ban for calling France a 'S^^t country', but even if he's on the outs at PSG, rudimentary common sense dictates that this deal will never happen. That said, what does the Swede's agent have to say about the possibility of a transfer to Anfield?

Earlier this week, The Independent claimed that Liverpool 'could sign' Ibrahimovic for a 'cut-price' fee of €25m (£18m).

When specifically asked this week about the Liverpool rumour, Ibrahimovic’s agent Mino Raiola dismissed the idea in the most emphatic terms. He raged:

"This is bulls^^t. Zlatan cannot be on the transfer market. There is no need to ask me that. Zlatan has a contract with PSG. Will he be here next year? I answer yes"

To be honest, I'd love to see Ibrahimovic at Liverpool, even for £18m. He's a winner, and like most winners, he has an indefatigable will to succeed, which rubs off on the players around him.

The Swede has done the business wherever he's played, and his stunning goals/assists record is a testament to his perennial effectivness:

* 321 goals/136 assists (457 total) in 572 appearances.
* Goal/assist every 1.2 games over his entire career.

Superb stats, and even at the age of 33, Ibrahimovic - described by Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard as 'world-class' is still one of the best strikers in the world.

This season, for example, Ibrahimovic has 33 goals/assists in 33 games for PSG, which proves he's still operating at the highest level.

Ibrahimovic's agent makes it sound like a transfer is out of the question, but you never know in football. Alas, if he does decide to move, I doubt it will be to Liverpool.

Unless, of course, the Reds qualify for the Champions League, which will make Anfield a more attractive proposition...



  1. paying 18 million for a 33 year old?

  2. The more I think about the more I think Liverpool should go all out for Lacazette AND Depay. They would cost around 60 million for both, include the incoming Original and our attacking midfield, wingers and forwards would be impressive.

    With forward sales of Balotelli, Lambert, Borini and Aspas fetch approx 25-30 million the above signings should be possible.

    Obviously there are other areas we need to address but I would possibly look at players available on frees if it meant we got our 2 main targets.
    With further sales/releasing of Jones, Johnson, Toure, Coates, Enrique and Alberto, this would free up further funds for wages.

    Neto or Romero are available for GK.
    Khedira might just be worth the gamble for CM/DM.
    Abate for RB?

    My point is let's get our 2 main targets then worry about the rest. If it means we have to make do in some other areas (with frees or youth) then so be it. If we try and sort all areas in one windows does the quality of each signing suffer

  3. Not just a 33 year old, but arguably the 3rd best striker in the world!

  4. If Ibra thinks France is shit [due to its refereeing standards] I wonder what he'd have to say about England after a match officiated by Lee Mason or Andre Marriner. It would at least be amusing to find out.

  5. Dare to Zlatan..“Arsene Wenger asked me to have a trial with Arsenal when I was 17. I turned it down. Zlatan doesn’t do auditions.”

  6. Well maybe he is getting too old to join the club but his honesty about France should have been rewarded.

  7. Imagine our attacking talent:-

    STRIKERS: Sturridge, Lacazette, Origi
    WING FORWARDS: Sterling, Depay, Ibe, Markovic
    ATTACKING MIDS: Coutinho, Lallana

    Although I've catagorised they are all very interchangeable and all young

  8. 3rd best? really? prove state facts

  9. If you can't see that Zlatan is only behind Suarez and Messi right now, I don't think anything I say will change that. It's really kinda obvious.

  10. Ronaldo? ....... the winner of the Ballon D'or

  11. I do not see him as someone who will age well and that could be soon. Does he have the pace to keep up in the EPL at his age?

  12. I must admit I am struggling to keep up myself now and I'm only watching.

  13. Raiola has one player doing nothing at Liverpool I doubt he will ever allow another one to come to us.

  14. We had champs league at start of this season and we still couldn't attract the top players I.e Sanchez. Unfortunately for as long as we keep doing most of our business from mid table teams then we are unlikely to overtake man u man City Arsenal or Chelsea. They'll be buying in top talent from germany , Spain etc will we're probably end up with a couple of players from southampton and a burnley player . I certainly don't believe van Gaal is really interested in Ings . I will be extremely surprised if Ings ends up at man u

  15. Ibra is the best league winner.
    Wherever he goes he wins the league
    Ask Ajax, Juve, Inter, Barca, AC, and PSG

    He'll still have an important impact on our teams winning mentality that we absolutely need.
    If I was Rodgers I'd make him an attractive offer and never regret a single penny that I pay
    I think he might be the key to end the league winning drought..
    Bring him in if possible

  16. Pay 18m for a winner

  17. Well, he's not exactly a striker in the traditional sense. Messi really isn't either, but he plays at that position more often than not.

    If we were talking top 5 players right now, I'd say Zlatan is top 5; Messi, Ronaldo, Suarez, and Neuer are better imo.

  18. Yeah Ibra is certainly up there.
    I think the general opinion of the top 3 players in world football right now is Ronaldo, Messi and Suarez

  19. who walk in the pitch whole match :)

  20. I'll be glad to pay more than 18m if he's going to sit in the pitch the whole match and win me domestic leagues by the end of the season