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28 Mar 2015

Overhyped? Macca insists Liverpool legend is better than 'genius' £20m goal-machine. Agree?

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Earlier this month, Jamie Redknapp claimed that Spurs sensation Harry Kane is a front-runner for this season's 'player of the year' award, and with 29 goals already this year, and another goal on his England debut last night, the young 'genius' is certainly making a case for himself. Kane's rapid rise to prominence mirrors that of Robbie Fowler in the 1990s, but according to ex-Red Jason McAteer, Fowler was on a different level to the Spurs youngster.

After watching Kane's England debut, McAteer tweeted:

"Got to admit I am a big fan of Kane but he's no Robbie Fowler or Alan Shearer. I don't really get the fuss"

I think it's easy to see what all the 'fuss' is about. Kane's goalscoring record this season is stunning, especially in the Premier League, where he's currently joint top-scorer (with Chelsea's Diego Costa) on 19 goals.

However, as McAteer states, £20m-rated Kane is no Fowler, who was an exciting, imaginative striker who routinely scored the kind of mesmerising goals that the Spurs star can only dream of.

When Kane has scored 30+ goals a season for three years in a row, then he can be mentioned in the same breath as one of Liverpool's greatest goalscorers.

Until then, Kane remains a one-season wonder until proven otherwise. He's done brilliantly this season, but can he maintain this kind of form?

As a comparison, consider Christian Benteke: 31 goals/assists in his debut season for Aston Villa, but since then, his output has significantly decreased, and he doesn't appear to be capable of matching his previous goalscoring exploits.

To be fair, though, Kane seems better equipped to maintain his form, but I personally hope he crashes and burns. Why? If Kane excels, that means England will have another bona-fide goal-threat, which will then increase their chances of doing well at International tournaments.

As a Scot, the thought of that makes my skin crawl, so I'll be praying for a Benteke-style collapse over the next couple of seasons ;-)

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  1. Harry Redknapp is a front-runner for this season's 'player of the year' award? Football typo with hilarious results. :)

  2. Lol, instead of using your proven powers for evil (cursing Kane), why don't you find a Scottish to imbue with goal-scoring magic ; )

  3. Yes it looks like England could arguably have yet another world class youngster in the making. Another continually improving golden generation in the making?

  4. Ridiculous rumour. Had he been 10 years younger maybe.

  5. Too young and not enough injuries we can do much worse than him

  6. no more southcoast geeezers9:46 am, March 28, 2015

    Nooo way hoezay

  7. I was thinking the same thing. On a couple of promising performances and a decent spell in the Championship?

  8. Exactly mate

  9. I was hardly lauding him it was just an observation. Walcott never terrorised them when he came on.
    Lithuania were awful though, embarrassingly bad

  10. My point was you asked who our best player has been this season. Not our most loyal or our least greedy, our best and that has undoubtedly been Sterling and your beloved stats back that up.
    Sterling ultimately wants his market value. If you forget the obscene amounts of money involved (which the club's set), that's all any of us want.
    Hendo is in exactly the same position as Sterling but barely gets a mention

  11. Exactly. Now THAT is overhype.

  12. I reckon Kanes a great young player who could be anything before making statements like McAteer is making maybe we should give him a few seasons.

  13. 22 mill after Juventus paid 3 million pounds for him and is 30 and not a regular never no way.

  14. Kane has been impressive this season. And it's an absolute disrespect to compare his season to the players who are retired and achieved great results in their carrier. Once Kane retires then judge him. He has been brilliant for his club and country as well. I wish him all the best.

  15. I disagree about Penmon and Wright - Phillips. Both of them had a huge impact at that age and we're destroying teams.

    Both got greedy.. made moves for the money and never reached the potential they should have.

    I see in no difference between them and sterling.

    For a player demanding as much as is he has alleged I expect him to tearing teams apart, something he hasn't done for a while now.

    Maybe in a few more years he will reach that stage and them fair enough but at the moment not a chance

  16. Fully disagree. Always thought Lennon was a one trcik pony from day one. He was fast, that was it. Wright Phillips was a touch trickier but never as positionally aware as Sterling. Neither for me were anywhere near Sterling at the same age. They just hit the ground running and were unknown quantities. Once players were on to them they were nulified. Sterling has improved before my eyes since getting a chance and despite not having the same blistering impact (oppositions being more aware of him) other parts of his game seem to have increased. He has lots to iron out but he is a top four quality player who would get in any side. If he keeps his head and keeps working hard the ceiling is high.
    Since the contract talks there is an awful lot of revisionism.

  17. It's not even really a comparison. Fowler was a born goal scorer as he proved year after year after year. Still holding the fastest Premier League hatrick. And was desperately unlucky to be playing for England at the same time as the original SaS. Fowler is a striking icon not just amongst us but football fans in all aspects. And what a personality, sniffing the touch line anyone? :) especially compared to Kane..comes across 'slightly thick' and very dull.
    I am hoping Stuart that your 'what are they snorting' was also a cheeky add in to THAT celebration.

  18. Henderson has less of his contract left.

  19. True but therefore by Jaimie's logic he's holding the club even more to ransom

  20. Sorry mate. Been away from technology yesterday, bar running water. Hope Sterling's still standing! Can imagine they would have targeted him, yeah.

  21. Kane does remind me of Fowler in the way that a local lad has become the star of the team. But Robbie did it for 3 seasons on the bounce of at premier league level. Kane is lucky that he doesn't have a Shearer in his way to make name for himself at international level like Fowler did. It's clear to see that the English press are desperate for Kane to be a star as he fits in with the "way England use to be" aesthetic, so I do have to give some credit for Hodgson for sticking with Welbeck as he has done very well for England this season.

    It will be interesting to see his form is this time next season as for now I cant see anyone else being player of the year.

  22. The aforementioned players aren't in Sterling's league. How many England caps and World Cup's have they got under their belts?

  23. I hate how other nations Wales, Scotland, Ireland etc.. Hate the English at international level. Why is it? It's the same in Rugby. I'd quite happily cheer for any other UK team, if they offered England the same courtesy.
    I'd quite love to see Scotland do over some other nations. But the other way around? It's like blasphemy.
    and Jaimie because of you last 2 paragraphs I know hope Kane scores a hat-trick against Scotland next time we meet. :-P