28 Mar 2015

Sign Me, Brendan: 'Incredible' €20m playmaker desperate to join Liverpool

Earlier this week, reports in Italy claimed that Liverpool have agreed a €30m deal to sign 'incredible' Inter Milan midfielder Mateo Kovacic, and with speculation intensifying, new reports allege that the Croatian has his heart set on a move to Anfield this summer.

On Wednesday, ITV Sport claimed:

"Mateo Kovacic will join Liverpool for £22m (€30m) in May. Inter are desperate to sell and the Reds have agreed to meet their asking price".

According to reports today:

* Kovacic is 'desperate' to join Liverpool over Manchester United and Arsenal.

* Liverpool recently scouted Kovacic, and were 'impressed' by his ability.

Some info about Kovacic:

* Versatile: Can play as a deep-lying mid, attacking mid, wide left.
* Current contract expires in June 2017.
* This season: 8 goals/2 assists in 34 games.
* 19 apps for the Croatian national team.
* His idol is Robert Prosinecki, to whom he is often compared.

The obvious question here is this: why is Kovacic allegedly 'desperate' to join Liverpool ahead of Man United and Arsenal?

* Kovacic has no special affinity for and/or connection with LFC.
* The Reds almost certainly cannot compete when it comes to salary demands.
* Man United and Arsenal qualify for the CL on a more consistent basis than Liverpool.
* Both clubs have more renowned managers than Liverpool.
* Gerrard aside, Liverpool have no internationally renowned players.
* Arsenal have the likes of Sanchez, Ozil etc. United have Rooney, Di Maria, Falcao etc.

It doesn't compute. Additionally, why are Inter 'desperate' to sell a player who seems to be one of the most highly-rated young players in Europe? After flogging Coutinho to Liverpool for negligently cheap fee, surely the Serie A giants won't make the same mistake twice?

Whatever happens, Kovacic is not worth anything close to €30m, and it's a mistake (IMO) for Liverpool to splurge that amount of money on yet another young player with comparatively minimal experience.



  1. He is not worth it.

  2. Why are Inter wanting to sell him? Apparently it's because Inter needs funds to reunite Yaya Toure with Roberto Mancini. Honestly, I haven't seen him, but I do know he is highly rated. Remember the last player we bought from Inter? Worked out kinda well, didn't it? If we can get Mateo Kovacic and Stephan El Shaarawy for a combined 30M, I will be quite happy.

  3. If there is anyone who is worse than Daniel Sturridge in terms of injuries, its Stephan El Shaarawy.

  4. As with all these rumours I won't believe it until I see a picture of him in the Daily star wearing a Liverpool shirt.

  5. Jamie answered his own question at the end when he made reference to Coutinho. Inter won't make the same mistake which is why they are quoting £22m. I think Coutinho cost £8.5m.

    Also the reason he may prefer to play for Liverpool is he may feel he will get a better chance to play and thrive than with Arsenal and Man U, both of which have seen their average team age increase with more costly and experienced players being brought in.

    Liverpool are having to work on a different budget, and until the work on Anfield is completed and the capacity increased that is likely to stay the same.

  6. It looks like every player we are being linked with are either age 20 or 30 or have an injury list as long as my arm hence their small price.

    The Fenway Group have made it very clear, they are looking at young players who we may be able to sell on for a profit. So if we can get a player for up to £20m, improve him and sell him on for a profit then job done.

    Not good for fans but balances the books, and if along the way we win something then that's a bonus. Should of done that last year and we could really do with winning the FA Cup this year.

  7. Even if FSG are actually contemplating on making profits from the sale of these players, they are doing it in a very inefficient way. I don't see them making profits on majority of the players. Since the time they started doing business, they have made massive losses from this moneyball philosophy. From Dalglish flops to BR's 250mn transfer waste, FSG have only been able to profit from Suarez.

  8. I agree with you, they have not been very good at it so far. The question remains to be seen if the likes of Sterling and Henderson stay.

    If they do they become long term budget successes, if they go then we will make a very good profit on both players.

    Personally want both to stay, when buying on potential it is a risky business because a great looking 20 year old doesn't guarantee a world beating 25 year old.

  9. Believe it or not there are some players still attracted to us! Last season we played an attractive brand of football and have done in the most part second half of this season. Champs league or not we are still one of the top teams to play for. Also if you are a quality player there is more chance to break into our team and help re establish us as a successful trophy winning club. The vision of the club has to be sold to future players as well, we have a bigger stadium being built, good solid academy, attractive brand of football. All this can be a platform for a successful era.

  10. Or maybe until he's appearing in the Liverpool Courts for speeding, demanding 150K per week and smothering his face in Nivea.

  11. 4eva LFC, LFC 4eva10:04 am, March 28, 2015

    Well here's one I will be happy with, Luciano Vietto but that won't happen either, our biggest problem is we act too late every time, then we get what's left over.

  12. Agree, Vietto looks class. I would also add Lacazette. I too fear we don't act quick enough.

  13. I wasn't going to fight him ;-)

  14. It's OK I've got my lead on

  15. Just calm down Stu. Be the bigger man and walk away.

  16. I think you might be confusing resale value and buying to make a profit. But as for that as a strategy you could look at De Bruyne and others Cheeses have sold on and getting around ffp.

  17. No when that happens we make statues of them and sacrifice animals atvalters infront of their visage.

  18. I can understand why Kovacic wants to come to Liverpool and i wouldnt play down the club for him choosing us over United or anyone else.
    One thing you may find is he will get game time at Liverpool maybe more than his other suitors.
    The other thing is he may well not be as greedy as some i could mention at the club.

  19. He is obviously a fan, good for him.

  20. Redboondocksaint2:06 pm, March 28, 2015

    I reckon kovacic is worth 22m not 30m , because of his age he could turn out to be a real coup or a big flop. I would trade Lucas + 10m for Kovacic, that would be pretty good business I rate . I rate Liverpool need to sign Pjanic(Bosnian midfielder) , I rate that is one player who is exciting and has a lot of flair like Gerrard and is a free kick specialist which is what we need.i would give Roma Borini + 25 m for Pjanic. Pjanic is a master class.

  21. Nevergonnacrackthecode2:29 pm, March 28, 2015


  22. Sometimes less really is more

  23. We moan when our transfer targets reject us for our rivals.Mateo Kovacic desperately wants to come and is ready to turn down PL competition to do so, and we question the decision why he wants a Liverpool move:)
    Finally a in demand player can see how special this club is.Don't question his logic.He's got his head screwed on the right way.

  24. €30m sounds more than £22m, so if that makes you feel better then by all means use the Euro then. In today's market Kovacic IS worth £22m as he is a quality young player.

  25. This is a top deal. He's as good as any experienced player in that price range, and better than many. Got that rare mix of elegance, brains and courage.

  26. I'm inclined to agree, we do seem very hesitant in our transfer pursuits

  27. The kid may well be a fan or he may see the clear need we have for a CM as a more direct route into the first team. Whatever reason, surely if he's desperate to join us over them that's a good thing no?