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24 Sep 2014

Gerrard-killer? BR wants to sign 'world-class' £22m star & LFC have a huge advantage over other clubs

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Another day, another improbable transfer rumour. Earlier this week, the Joe Hart rumour strained credibility, and today, reports suggest that Liverpool are considering a move for Hart's Man City team-mate, Yaya Toure.

Liverpool were linked with Toure over the summer, and according to the Daily Express today:

"Liverpool, Manchester United and Chelsea [are] in the race for Toure [whose] time at the club could be drawing to a close"

Toure doesn't appear on the lookout for a move, though, and when asked about his future this week, he told reporters:

"I will definitely stay with City. The fans have always been good with me and my family. My target now is the Champions League, I want to make it for them"

Toure has come under fire for his performances so far this season, and in his weekend column for the Daily Mirror, Anfield legend Kenny Dalglish slated Toure's 'disappointing' form, and criticised the midfielder for his lack of application on the pitch. He explained:

"He [Toure] isn’t showing anywhere near the same energy he put into matches last season. He looked interested when he had the ball, but then he looked uninterested when he didn’t have it, and didn’t work nearly as hard when City were trying to win it back".

Toure - recently hailed by Samir Nasri as 'world class' insists there's no problem at City, but actions speak louder than words, and when a player feels undervalued, and/or is unhappy, it usually manifests itself on the field.

£22m-rated Toure is precisely the kind of player missing from Liverpool's squad: a big, strong, athletic box-to-box midfielder, with the power, skill and stamina to regularly make an impact on games.

With Kolo Toure already at Anfield, Liverpool appear to have a major advantage when it comes to attracting Toure to the club, and if the price is right, it could be a viable option.

If LFC signed Toure, Steven Gerrard's place in the team would obviously come under serious threat. After all, you don't sign a player of Toure's class to sit on the bench. At 31, though, the Ivorian is not that much younger than LFC's captain, so he'd hardly be a long-term solution.

Does Brendan Rodgers have the cojones to replace Gerrard? I have to admit, I feel a little sympathy for Liverpool's manager as he has the job that no one else would ever want: phasing out, and ultimately replacing one of the club's most revered legends.

It's definitely a case of 'damned if you do, damned if you don't', so good luck with that, Brendan...



  1. colonel cocknocker3:54 pm, September 24, 2014

    After someone put the idea in my head the other day, all i can think about now is how cool it would be to swoop strootman off of united. Although apparently they want 60mil now so maybe not. Yaya would be quality. Just depends on how long his legs last.....anyway, I'm still banging my jackson martinez drum, or maybe keita balde diao, a fast direct striker anyway......

  2. AndWithSuchSimplicity4:52 pm, September 24, 2014

    We had the chance to sign Strootman years ago. A PSV Director is also a mad-keen LFC fan and tipped-off the club on more than one occassion that he was the closest thing that he had seen to Gerrard.
    As usual we did nothing, and if we did go for him now it would cost a fortune.
    Yaya - fantastic player but coming to the end of his career. A bit like Steven.

  3. This is just about as silly a transfer rumour I've heard. Why on earth would he leave city to come to us. To be with his brother makes no sense as they live close enough they could see each other every day if they wanted.
    There's also no chance City would sell him to a rival in January so it would be at least the summer before we could get him by which time Kolo's contract will be up. He'd also be 32 by that time commanding huge wages which goes against every fibre of our clubs transfer policy.
    There are about 100 other reasons this won't happen but I can't be bothered to list them

  4. Your username made me laugh

  5. Damn, we are gonna go to Championship without Suarez...

  6. I still cant believe how we missed out on Song.. also Spanish papers were claiming he was interested in a move to liverpool

  7. song was ideal on a free and i still feel diame could do a job...there are quite a lot of African players who have the size to play this role ...i remember momo when liverpool first signed him he was a destroyer

  8. hes to old for me Jk and to expensive ...we really dont need to buy someone who we have to base a team around to justify the price tab.....we have enough skilful players all we need is a big athletic guy who can break up play and give the ball

  9. Nevergonnacrackthecode6:02 pm, September 24, 2014

    morgan schniderlin
    is better then toure

  10. Nevergonnacrackthecode6:03 pm, September 24, 2014

    want to apologies for the get rodgers out calls
    i have a short fuse

  11. We already have Can.

  12. The question to ask is why would Toure want to come to Liverpool apart from family relations. He is a vital member of a club currently in a better state than Liverpool and is most probably being paid more wages. Unless FSG have some birthday presents lined up...

  13. Nevergonnacrackthecode6:24 pm, September 24, 2014

    sign schniderlin

    please rodgers you will make my dream come true
    also get sterling a new contract

  14. News coming out that we are being investigated by UEFA regarding FFP.

    Hopefully we have not crossed the line somewhere...

  15. Nah, it should be nothing to worry about.

    It is because during 2012-13 we made a £49.8million loss and £40.5million for the 10-month period before that.

    Under FFP rules losses must be no more £35.4million over the 2011-12 and 2012-13 seasons however they allow expenses on things such as youth development and stadium costs to be written off.

    So we can write off the £49.6million that the cowboys spent on stadium costs during 2011-12 accounts.

    All this shows is that FFP favours those richer clubs and screws smaller clubs. It basically makes it impossible for somebody to take over a club and make huge investments.

  16. I've been reading for years and I have never posted, but I just can't take it anymore. His name is Morgan Schneiderlin. If you're going to mention him 20 times a day please, please for the love of God spell his name correctly just once.

  17. It has nothing to do with any accounts of past seasons. If we cannot prove that we will break even on our next financial results then we may be in a spot of bother.

  18. Copy and paste this... Schneiderlin. See? I've spelt it for you seeing as you post about him every day it's spelt SCHNEIDERLIN!!

  19. can is still a novice we need someone who is proven but not to old..i can see can playing at cb

  20. It has everything to do with past accounts. I suggest you read up on how FFP works or you can read just articles in Daily Mail, Guardian, Mirror, Telegraph etc

  21. Strootman was known to be a good player for a few years, but sometimes you get these players who everyone knows about but won't take a risk on. Van der Vaart was one, Van der Sar (post-Juve I mean) another. Even Torres and Suarez to an extent.

    You get these seemingly obvious deals where people look stupid in hindsight sometimes. I'm sure there are better examples, but those 4 were the first I could muster.

    I personally had doubts about Strootman until I watched him more frequently last season (Roma are a fabulous team to watch).

  22. Do we need one aging player to replace another.. No matter how good Toure was or is, next year he's going to be another year older and slower, and maybe even less interested... If we want to spend £22m, why not spend it on a player who can make the first team, but still have more than 1 or 2 years left in him...

  23. These debuts can be off set with youth investments and stadium refurbishment costs... so no worries... Not only that, since these statements came out they were taking into account the costs left behind by the prevoius owners, ie.. stadium loans... But now we have made significant gains through TV( Largest in the PL) and TV deals abroad (9) plus sponsership deals which are with 6plus new sponsers in addition to the renewed and bigger existing deals.. Nah nothing to fret about, LFC are going to have one of the best financial records this year. Boosted by CL money that providing we make it again next season are about to double through the new BTSport deal.
    The future off the pitch has never looked brighter... Now lets sort the on pitch future and we will all be happy.

  24. Well BR needs to find the balls of whichever Chelsea manager decided that it was time to phase Lampard out.

  25. Thanks Dicky, I second that remark. If you are going to constantly mention and slate a player, learn their names properly.

  26. And lose him in Jan Feb for 6 weeks, to the African nations Cup, no thanks.

  27. In Brendan's defence, who is he going to phase out Gerrard in favour of? Presumably the plan was Can but he's injured and so is Allen, so he doesn't have a lot of options. If we had the Lucas of old, it wouldn't be a problem, but today's Lucas is half the player.

  28. It works over a 3 year period and the losses are mainly due to stadium costs nothing to worry about.
    Henry is a big fan of FFP i would hardly think he would allow us to cheat.

  29. and a short memory....

  30. Yeah, but I mean in the future once Can and Allen are back.

  31. Jordy Clasie - The Dutch Xavi. Snap him up in January or regret it in June.

  32. hes still relatively unproven and to hinge your entire season on an un proven player is risky

  33. but it was a low cost low risk deal and we would have had allen can and gerrad to cover those weeks