23 Sept 2014

Macca insists: LFC should've 'broken the bank' to sign €50m Man Utd superstar. Agree?

Over the summer, Liverpool reportedly pursued a deal for Colombian superstar Radamel Falco, who, sadly, ended up joining Manchester United. The Reds signed Mario Balotelli instead, but ex-Red Jason McAteer insists that LFC should've broken the bank to sign Falcao ahead of the Italian striker.

Prior to the Man Utd deal, French radio station RMC claimed that:

* FSG have approved a season-long loan deal worth £12m (€15m).

* The contract would include an automatic £40m (€50m) purchase clause.

Speaking to the Daily Star today, McAteer - part of Roy Evans hugely exciting mid-1990s LFC team - questioned the signing of Balotelli, and argued that the Reds should've 'done everything possible to sign Falcao'. He explained:

"I'd have gone out and broken the bank to buy him. I'd have gambled on him to get us back in the Champions League and used the £25m you get for that on funding the deal."

Fit and on-form, Falcao is undoubtedly one of the world's best strikers, but spending €50m on a player with cruciate ligament injury in his recent past would've been, in my view, irresponsible transfer spending.

Signing Falcao outright would've been a huge gamble. Balotelli is also a gamble, but at £16m, it's an an eminently more cost-effective risk.

That said, Falcao is arguably a better for for Liverpool's system than Balotelli. The Colombian is a workhorse, and is always on the move, whereas Balotelli is a little static at times, and doesn't really get in behind defenders.

At this point, when it comes to shots on target, key passes, and general offensive player, Balotelli is statistically outperforming Falcao, but it's early days yet. However, if the Italian delivers on his potential over the course of the season, then he could turn out to be the better buy of the two.

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  1. Absolutely agree - If we had bought another less risky option, a pacey, 'run in behind ', hard working type AS WELL AS Balotelli, I would say Falcao wouldn't be needed for LFC, and our Big Italian would be a real coup, giving us a genuine plan B, and some swagger for the big Euro nights. For me, that option would've been Remy. Ah well. As it is, Falcao probably will be the bigger impact signing, although not 3x more for the 3x spending difference.

    What we should do is promote Williams from LFC women's team - seriously, watch the clip, what a star...we could do with some bollocks in the team right now.

  2. Falcoa V Balotelli, Falcao all day long,
    Falcao coming off a cruciate knee injury, for £16m, Balotelli a better buy.

  3. Well said. All else even including health, and Falcao is the better player.

    But 50m for Falcao (coming off a major injury) or 16m for Balotelli, and Balotelli is a significantly better value.

  4. Ballotelli plus Remy trumps Falcoa & we'd still have over 20mill left!

  5. Falcao is the better player. But NO WAY would I ever pay that ridiculous loan fee for him, not to mention he's coming off an injury not many have successfully recovered from, and Balotelli has much higher upside...

  6. I don't think Falcao is genuinely interested in being here in the long term. This is a one year deal for him then he's off to Madrid. At least that's the plan. I'm not sure Liverpool could have reached a deal to buy the player permanently and it seems he also wasn't that interested in coming here. Saying we should break the bank is a bit pointless when there are other factors involved, I don't think it was a question of Liverpool being unwilling to spend the money. The player just didn't seem interested in a long term contract at Liverpool.

    Falcao is probably a better player but we're yet to see it. Balotelli was a far better deal, was fully fit and ready to go and actually wanted to come here. Maybe Falcao will end up hitting great form for United but I agree, he's a risk for a number of reasons and we made the right deal. Worst case scenario is that Balotelli will just be "OK" as a Liverpool player and of course there is some chance Rodgers can transform him into the superstar he's always threatened to be. It'll take a little time but it'll be fun to watch.

  7. on a slightly related note : sterling had yet another good game despite his howler. and with bale talking him up in recent times i can see madrid doing what they do best in the summer transfer window. oh god why ?

  8. Nevergonnacrackthecode7:43 am, September 24, 2014

    break the bank to give sterling a new contract
    hazard is on 250k and sterling out best player should be atleast offered the same
    or he will be on his way to real Madrid

  9. Nevergonnacrackthecode7:43 am, September 24, 2014

    sturridge ,sterling and henderson need new contracts
    liverpool have to learn you ahve to pay big to have sucsess

  10. Balotelli record in terms of goal scoring is actually better than Falcao.
    Additionally Balotelli is 24 years old and had Falcao is 28.
    Falcao wages are £300,000 a week and Balotelli wages are £100,000 a week.
    Balotelli has won the Champions League, Premier League,Serie A. FA Cup
    Falcao has won NOTHINg which comes even close to that.

    Case Closed

  11. When it comes to performance NOw in order to stay in the top 4 all of your reasons could with respect be regarded a irrelevant. Case half opened?

  12. Off topic, just a some things I would like to get out.

    No matter who we have in our back four, we are absolutely sh!t at defending set pieces. What is being done about this?

    4-2-3-1, we tried it vs Southampton and struggled. We went 4-2-3-1 vs Villa with Hendo and Gerrard holding and as soon as Hendo was moved further forward to play alongside Coutinho things started happening attacking wise but unfortunately by then Villa had already shut up shop. We went out 4-2-3-1 again last night vs Boro and again never really caused any problems whatsoever for Boro's defence. I am quite puzzled as to why Rodgers is going with a formation that is doing nothing for us. IMO Rodgers should scrap the idea of 2 holding midfielders. It has not worked and there are no signs that it can. If we had Yaya Toure and Fernandinho as a holding midfield then by all means play 4-2-3-1. Scarp the formation!

    Adam Lallana was excellent vs Boro. Now that Allen is out he should IMO be my first choice to play alongside Henderson. He was everywhere on the pitch. Let's hope Henderson is fit for Everton. Hopefully Sturridge is back for the match too. If we play like we did in any of the matches bar Spurs this season vs Everton then we are in for a massive hiding guaranteed.

    My team vs Everton should the players all be fit


  13. i really hope suso and rossiter make the bench vs Everton, they deserve it... if suso isn't included in the squad but markovic, i'd be really dissapointed

    regarding 4 2 3 1, why did we even start playing that way? we were so fluid last year playing 4 3 3 or 4 3 1 2 there was abolutely no need to change formation... England played 4 2 3 1 in the WC, with Hendo and Gerrard as holding midfielders and it didnt work out well for them either. Hendo is wasted in that position, theres absolutely no need to play with 2 holding midfielders, we loose a lot of pressure in that formation... i think once Allen, Can, Coutinho and Sturridge come back from injury, tactical things will change too.
    If i see lucas AND gerrard in the line up vs Everton, i definitely wont be watching the match

  14. Can and Allen will be out for a while.

  15. Given the probably huge price differences, and the fact that Falcao has recently come back from a very serious injury. I prefer Balotelli. Less risk, for a similar reward.
    I don't actually think there scoring record will turn out too differently this season.
    Plus Balotelli is a lot younger.

  16. Well Balotelli is doing better now. Soo.... Case closed again? ;-)

  17. i know, thats why im hoping for rossiter to get some more chances :)

  18. i'd take Balotelli over Falcao, as hes younger, more fit, cheaper and a great character to have in your team.

  19. A spell in the super dull French league followed by a cruciate ligament injury, plus ludicrous wages; he's a talented player and will bag goals even at his worst but it remains to be seen if he can recapture previous form and be a true success. He was never a realistic target for Liverpool. It should (arguably) be easier for Balotelli to adapt if he can keep his head, and he remains the lesser risk speaking solely in a financial sense. While Balotelli can indeed be a little static, fingers crossed he will benefit hugely from having the movement and pace of Sturridge alongside him. There's no reason these two can't work together and be prolific.

  20. Our pressing for all 5 EPL matches so far this season.

    We destroyed Spurs with the diamond and also and did a good job at pressing City too with 4-3-3.

    What happened Vs Southampton 4-2-3-1 Gerrard/lLucas holding, Villa 4-2-3-1 Gerrard/Hendo holding and West Ham 4-1-2-1-2 Gerrard holding Lucas alongside Hendo.

    Surely Rodgers has noticed the following by now

    1. Do not play Gerrard and Lucas in the same midfield.
    2. Do not play with 2 holding midfielders.

  21. The solution seems so simple yet they can't figure it out...

  22. May the footballing gods be with us vs Everton.

  23. What do all the dots represent? And which was is the play going? Just so I can put it in to perspective a bit more.

  24. All the dots are an indication of every time we we pressed the ball i.e.

    Allen chasing a player with the ball and that specific player having to pass backward, lose the ball or Allen winning the ball etc.

    Some just do not understand how pressing has become the most vital part of our game. Our pressing vs Villa and West Ham was non existent and vs Southampton it was pretty poor too.

    Simple, no 4-2-3-1 and no Gerrard and Lucas in the same midfield. It is baffling how Rodgers seems to think it is these two aspects can work when clearly it has not.

  25. Great line up and formation, only problem I have is that we are so attacking it is imperative that we purchase a world class goalkeeper and and a dedicated defensive midfielder at the end of the season. We may just get away with it in the league because Utd won't get their act together in time but I fear we may suffer on a big pitch in the champions league.

  26. Not sure Balotelli is doing all that well just yet but fingers crossed. Case pending?

  27. Yup, agree with that formation. My only concern is regarding the hendo/lallana combination in the holding role because they're both players who like to get inattacking positions. I can see them both finding themselves too far up the pitch and being caught on the counter - something every team we've played so far has been exploiting knowing all they face is an aging Gerrard protecting the defense. If Hendo can be really disciplined defensively, this will work as he has more mobility to break up counters than gerrard or lucas do with their pace. But having played that "attacking DM" position for over a year, I worry a little he might positionally find himself in the wrong positions for that role.
    On a general note, I hate the fact that BRs experimenting with formations - a lot of new players learning our system dont need to be handed 3-4 different formations and tactics right off the bat. Settle on what we know works (4-3-3) then tinker when we're firing on all cylinders

  28. Nevergonnacrackthecode6:26 pm, September 24, 2014

    expcept one vital flaw
    villa never had possenition

  29. Kolo appeared more composed than usual (competition for playtime has sharpened him, though i can't say same for Sakho), except for his moment of madness.
    P.S. We have a local slang for madness here and it is to be "KOLO"

  30. I only meant better because he has scored and Falcao hasn't, lol.

  31. We need a top striker who is focused on the major competition, while a Mario/Lambert/Lalana can fight out for the others. But the question is apart from Cavani, who else is out there that is at a level to rival Costa prowess in front of goal?
    That said, i am still for a Shaqiri with a speed to match Sterling and a hustle to match Squarez. His combination with Sterling would make the opponents dizzy.
    The question of Gerard or no Gerard should be is his impact still being felt in moving from defense to attack (or is he more of a liability), and who can take that place - Xavi, Xabi, Fellaini (i believe he would have something to prove) and Mata,

    I really want to discuss these points

  32. Rogers is going to have to place some trust in his youngsters and his treatment of Suso is baffling. Henderson is shackled by his defensive duties and just seeing the name Lucas alongside Gerrard makes me want to weep tears of frustration, Right Angle( Ray Wilkins) made more forward passes than Lucas. I know he had some good seasons for us and I have been a big fan but he just does not suit this style of play(whatever it may be). How come we can all see this and Brenda can't.
    Mignolet is unchallenged for his position while Reina languishes on the bench at Bayern, also the player we were crying out for regardless of his age was Alonso.
    Great to hear a proper scouse accent when young Rossiter opened his gob post match, it is no accident that the two best and most loyal players over the past 12 years have the same accent. I can't believe JC is not coaching at Liverpool because whoever the defensive coach is, he cant be doing his job. God help us if Mirallas decides to bully our defence.
    I am truly worried because everyone knows how to play us, deny possession to Coutinho and knock him off the ball, put Stevie G under pressure, make Sterling track back and foul him at every opportunity, ensure that the defence make stupid errors and give away needless free kicks in bad positions and then lob in some good crosses, job done.
    For Brenda to say we are a better team without Luis is beyond stupid and never mind about new players fitting in, they all cost a fortune, were very experienced and we wre lead to believe that they would hit the ground running. Markovic does not even seem to be able to shoot.. I reserve my judgement on Lallana because I do feel he can be a great player for us. Don't talk about injuries, we were supposed to have bought enough quality to deal with this. On a positive note, we appear to have a lot of players to choose from when it comes to penalties.
    I am trying to keep the faith but I am depressed at present