24 Sept 2014

Boss raves: 'Terrific' £10m powerhouse who loves LFC is 'on another planet'. Sign ASAP?

Liverpool continue to be linked with a move for MK Dons starlet Dele Alli, who is earning rave reviews for his impressive form this season.

Alli has grabbed 6 goals (including a hat-trick at the weekend) in Dons' first 8 league games this year prompting his boss, Karl Robinson, to endlessly fawn over the 'sensational' 18-year old midfielder, Brendan Rodgers style.

In the past, Robinson has hailed Alli as the 'most gifted youngster the UK has ever seen', and over the weekend, he gushed:

"He [Alli] is on another planet. He’s a terrific individual, and to be a top player you have to conduct yourself in the right way and he certainly does that"

Like Rodgers, Robinson seems prone to effusive, overwrought praise, and he regularly heaps exaggerated praise on Alli. This may be counter-productive, though; Robinson claims he wants to keep the youngster at the club, but if he keeps fawning over him, top teams are sure take note, which could ultimately hasten Alli's exit.

Last season, Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers made a personal scouting trip to watch Alli in action, and in a recent interview, the youngster dropped a very strong hint that he's open to playing for LFC. He enthused:

"I am actually a Liverpool fan and Gerrard is someone I look up to massively"

Unless he lives in a cave, £10,-rated Alli will almost certainly be aware of the ongoing speculation linking him with Liverpool, and this basically amounts to a very unsubtle 'come and get me' plea. To be fair, I'd do exactly the same thing in his shoes - I'd be dropping hints all the time making it clear I want to play for Liverpool. Some info about Alli:

* 6'2
* 14 goals/6 assists in 55 apps for MK Dons so far.
* Made his debut at age 16 in 2012.
* 9 apps for the England U17 side.
* Top scorer for the U18s last season with 17-goals.
* Signed a three-year professional deal in the summer of 2013.
* 10 yellow cards in 55 apps.
* Personal motto: "Don't practise until you get it right. Practise until you can't get it wrong".

Liverpool are bursting at the seams with young talent, and the arrival of yet another teenager seems, to me, like overkill. However, the club lacks - even in the youth ranks - big, tall, combative midfield players, so he'd clearly bring something different to the table.

Additionally, in an age of grossly inflated transfer fees for British players (Luke Shaw, anyone? £10m is a comparatively reasonable transfer fee.



  1. Seems to be a very good talent. Comparison price wise to Will Hughes, and 10M doesn't seem bad, especially with interest. However, Hughes is a much more proven talent, helping Derby almost to the EPL.

  2. I'd take him for up to 10m - some young players you are taking quite a punt on, but this kid looks like the real deal. As forRobinson, he is talking up his value, hence the exaggerated praise and the reference to how well he conducts himself.

  3. I would rather spend that money on Will Hughes from Derby. Great first touch and has undoubted potential. If Suso (unfortunately) leaves at the end of the season then Hughes would be an ideal replacement. We might even loan him back next season to Derby, either way i think Hughes is a much better player than Alli. Wouldn't mind seeing both at Anfield next season tho.

  4. Why has it taken B R so long to sign him ???????????????

  5. Loan people back ?? we need all weve got now pal = jordon ibe should never have gone to Derby

  6. What would you have done with him? He's too good for the U21s, but not ready for the 1st team...

  7. He'll give a good run for henderson and gerrard,the spark which we've been missing.

  8. If he's just another name to add to the "maybe" pile then it's not so interesting. Like you say we've got a large body of young players in the club at the moment and signing another potential talent is a bit uninspiring. What I'd love to see is the club signing a teenager who could play in the first team almost immediately. That's a big ask, but Sterling is the benchmark of the kind of talent we should be going after. If Alli is truly as gifted as his current manager says then maybe he's capable of actually playing for Liverpool in the PL without having to wait another 1-2 years playing in the reserves or on loan. There are a few examples through history of players being genuinely that good at the age of 18 or 19 (Owen, Rooney, Barkley and Sterling are just a few examples) and if such a player was available then I'd think it would be very exciting for Liverpool to sign them. So if Alli fits in that bracket then I'd love to jump on the bandwagon. If he's otherwise destined for the training ground followed by a loan spell at Stoke then I have no objection to the idea but it's not something I'm going to get worked up over.

  9. Hughes is like Allen, Delle Alli is like Gerrard. I know which one i want

  10. well just saw his videos on youtube .. apparently he is good at left and right side passes...meehhh

  11. For me, the youngsters we currently have are very promising, and while getting the likes of Will Hughes and Delle Ali would send out a great statement about the future of the English game, I do wonder at the lack of experience. On the plus side however, these youth players become part of the ongoing development at the club, which either sees them leave for more than we paid for them, or they have a role in the team.

  12. I'm surprised Rodger's hasn't already paid for him out of his own pocket, he usually kicks down the door for promising young talent!

  13. Suso's replacement? lo!

  14. I would agree...I was merely comparing their prices with perceived English value though, not suggesting we chase Hughes.