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27 Aug 2014

Shock: LVG to bid £20m for LFC star who's 'always been a Man Utd fan'

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In what has to be the most improbable transfer rumour of the summer, Manchester United are reportedly considering a move for Liverpool midfielder Joe Allen.

According to reports on Tuesday:

* Man Utd scouts watched Allen in action during Liverpool's 3-1 defeat to Manchester City

* Louis Van Gaal is considering a massive £20m bid for the Wales international.

It sounds ridiculous, and it's probably BS, but if United are stupid enough to offer £20m for Allen (and after paying £120m for Shaw, Herrera, and Di Maria, it's a definite possibility) then Liverpool should definitely take it (!)

Transfers between Manchester United and Liverpool are historically rare, but Allen is a self-confessed Man Utd fan, and in 2012 he told reporters:

“I’ve always been a United fan. I looked up to Roy Keane and Scholes was my hero as a kid. I’d like to think United can win the title"

If Allen was a Man United fan in 2012 (and since childhood), I doubt that things have changed over the last couple of years. Yes, he plays for Liverpool, but he probably still has a private allegiance for the Mancs, which may make it easier for him to complete the transfer.

Plus, I suspect that most LFC fans will be pretty indifferent to the deal if it goes through. Allen is a bit of a nondescript player at Liverpool; he doesn't invoke much of a passionate response from Reds fans, and if Rodgers can get £20m for him, there will be few complaints.

With less than a week of the transfer window remaining, though, there's precious little time to find a replacement for Allen, and that might play into Rodgers' thinking if/when the alleged interest becomes more concrete.



  1. i hope by BS you dont mean brendan's son.. he was actually decent vs man city...until 2nd half came and he remembered he was joe allen

  2. At last, someone who knows it all.

  3. im waiting for allen's lawyers..(im looking at you logan and nevergonnacrackthecode)

  4. Come on even the United supporters wouldn`t believe this one surely, would they? Apparently Paul Scoles as just been on the phone to Gigs its true, Gigs said xavi coming to United.

  5. Contrary to the normal belief ; Allen is actually a pretty effective player in his position and right now the best CDM that Liverpool possess.Unfortunately because of the defensive shortcomings of Stevie G and Hendo(to a certain extent) he shares the blame.For example in the recent match against Man city he played pretty well and I was bemused that he got replaced by Can although the latter looked good too.For CDM we do need some players who look ordinary and is not flamboyant playing normal lateral or back passes covering the backline.The same reason why Fernando is preferred to Fernandinho(who is of a more attacking mold).If Liverpool can bag someone like Song then only they should even consider selling Allen ; although I feel its bordering on the improbable.

  6. anthony montague6:47 am, August 27, 2014

    When a new manager comes to a club they often bring players they know, 'comfort players'. Think Hodgson and Koncesky with Poulsen. Moyes with Fellani. Allen was Brendans . They all end up in tears. Allen with Henderson makes us look ordinary against top sides. Sell and promote Emre Can

  7. Sell Lucas, Allen, Johnson and stop playing Gerrard.

  8. The code man would sell Allen if it meant he could sign Schneiderlin for Liverpool

  9. What? Sakho? Really? I'm not one to deuce over people's opinions but I'd love to know why you think that we should give away a 24 year old, promising, big and strong, French International Captain who cost us £19m to the Mancs for free? I question the logic and reasoning behind that. Johnson I'd still want to see a fee for.

  10. Allen is a no 10 who has scored 1 goal/0 assists in over 50 games, when did we start settling for these mediocre players. Those stats are worst than tom cleverly. And he's the most average player in the league. That being said if United want him then Van Gaal defiantly confused. Playing his nonsense formation he still ain't learn his lesson, and if not for Robben who is just outrageously world class, they wouldn't have got results. If we sell Allen we can allow people like Markovic and Suso to evolve. IMO Suso way better than Allen.

  11. Swap them Allen for De Gea

  12. animosity dictates that as much as most of us and the most, if not all of the mancs want this to push trough, its never gonna happen.

  13. anthony montague7:05 am, August 27, 2014

    These new terms of CDM and ' holding midfielder ' amuse me. It seems players such as Lucas and Allen can go season after season without scoring or assisting and nobody questions it because they do the ' dirty work '.Surely any top player can hit the ball from 20 yards into the goal at least once a year. Think back to the great midfields at the club in the past Case,McDermott Souness and Kennedy and wonder who was excused scoring or creating duties in that side.

  14. Sell Allen and Alex song

  15. Buy alex song

  16. use money Buy Pogba or sell players to buy him

  17. http://eplindex.com/58162/manchester-city-31-liverpool-postmatch-tactical-analysis.html

  18. Very unfair article.

    You have failed to mention that in his first season he was twice with bad injuries, first he dislocated his shoulder and then broke his foot whilst training for Italy.

    As for loaning him out, he was never going to get a lot of 1st team football and since we had no European football it made sense to get him out on loan so he could play games.

  19. Bit of talk Athletico Madrid are interested one may say if he knocks them back then he is cohorting with his Italian brothers to rip us off.

  20. Dont worry they think Di Maria is going to score 3 a game and set up three more every game thats how daft they are.

  21. your article pretty much sums up the whole borini situation JK...he was a comfort buy like Allen and they are always doomed to fail

  22. I think people are being a little unfair with their criticism of Borini. In his first season with us, he had two bad injuries. His second season, he was loaned out to Sunderland, where he did quite well in a poor side. The lad has never really been given a chance at Liverpool, but gets slaughtered by so called fans of the club. I think it's to his credit that he's said he wants to stay and fight for his place. Like I said, never been given a chance.

  23. It could have been worse. It could have been Clodagh, Buck is pretty complimentary

  24. I dont thnk BR is strong enough for that. I f he was he would have started phasing him out last season when it became all too clear that despite having flashes of defensive abilities, SG cant play in that deep role for 90 mins. I think it would do everyone some good if BR could play SG in his attacking role behind the strikers as an impact sub.

  25. (1) Remove SG in games like the 5-0 vs Tototo last season or (2) look at what happened to the team after Hendo saw the red card last season and you will see where the (justified) hype comes from. I thought, just like Coutinnho and Sterling, the manager needs to sub Hendo once in a while to show him that theer are alternatives on teh bench such as Ibe, Markovic and Can

  26. He will see very CLEARLY one day when SMignolet is injured and he puts our beloved Jones to guard the sticks, only then will he know. He seems to be the one who learns from experiencing something more than twice. ONce is not enough for him

  27. How can you possibly say he wants instant stardom and glory?
    He blatantly wants to stay at Liverpool and work hard and fight for a place even though he knows he is 4th choice striker. Hardly limelight hogging is it? I wish every player we've got had that kind of work ethic.
    The problem is when players think they have made it and throw a strop if they don't get a game, not when they say they want to work hard to try and get that game.

  28. Blaming BR for signing Borini is a little short sighted. When BR came to Liverpool, we were not in CL and nowhere near getting back into it. We weren't going to sign big name strikers or top players, and so we had to sign young potential. Borini was exactly that. The team progressed faster than Borini did as a player (not helped by injuries he suffered during his first season with us), and as a result he's been left behind as we have managed to improve our squad with higher calibre players after qualifying for the CL again. If you see it from that perspective, it becomes harder to blame BR for improving the team so quickly and so much. Circumstances changes. What may have been the correct transfer move at the time may now not look like one in hindsight.

  29. we played a good game in the first half all the players deserve kudos... except Sturridge and Johnson.

    The only striker sturridge is better than in LIVERPOOL history is Carroll...Period!! Lets face facts..he was offloaded by man city/Chelsea respectively. Without taking anything from him...he isn't and shouldn't be shouldered with the responsibility of getting our goals...PLSSSSS...Sterling is better as a goal getter in all regards ...Sturridge is selfish and doesn't play with the team...like Johnson...when the momentum for attack is high they both tend to kill it with stupid and unnecessary back passes leaving the opposing team time to reorganize..That was the MAGIC OF SUAREZ!!...on the counter attack is Deadly!! But with Sturridge there is always an element of trying to be skillful when all you need is bury the ball in the net or give a defence splitting pass to create a goal....We forget last season when Suarez was almost shouting himself hoarse because of his mindless and at times irritating displays...

    As for Johnson...Gosh..he should just leave ...before he makes himself surplus to requirements ...for me fallaghan,maquillo, are far better alternatives....when going forward be rest assured that 9/10 times Johnson will either go back or deliver a poor pass...moreover his recovery rate is abysmal...

    For me a Liverpool formation should be based solely on the following aspects:

    a) strength...Mental strength and physical
    b) Vision
    c) hunger for victory at all cost

    my ideal formation is a 4-5-1 formation with the squad moving as a unit and defending as a unit.




    .........................Emre Can.............henderson/Allen...............



    With this line up ...you have an assembly of players that don't joke in-front of goal...and are adept at giving incisive passes...

    We need a team that moves as a unit and johnson and sturridge for me doesn't foot the bill...in any ramification...

    Thank You

  30. please sturridge on the bench...so he can watch videos of prolific strikers...and understand that the most potent strikers don't play with the ball....and kill momentum during an attack...also Johnson should be relegated to the second team...zabaleta is even older than Johnson...but very effective and skillful in his moves...

    You can't expect to bring out the best in a team when the key elements aren't performing ....Suarez made sturridge up his game ...now that suarez has left we are back to the stupid...rehearsals by sturridge before a pass is made or a goal is scored..Giving time to opposing defenders to recover!!

    Sterling gives 110% and is also frustrated by sturridge's stupid antics....it hurts so much because in the first half we should have at least scored 4 goals...Man city were in their trenches all through the first half...but all thanks to the welbeck of Liverpool we had nothing to show for all the beautiful build up play we had in the first half...

    I hope he knows that Balotelli won't tolerate..just like suarez...all his antics ..when playing...

  31. u say the truth Greg....No Doubt!! the lad did well and shows he is the direct opposite of johnson...

  32. Thank you for finally addressing that. I knew what he meant but it's pretty annoying